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    Lebaran Holiday, Social Media Dominates Usage of Cellular Data Traffic


    BANDUNG-Social media (medsos) became the highest contributor to the usage of data services of Telkomsel at Lebaran 2018 moment that was equal to 33,7%, followed by video streaming (31,3%) and instant messaging service (14,1%).

    Network Director Bob Apriawan said the special streaming video, one of the contributors to the increased consumption of data quota is the activity of customers who watched live streaming World Cup 2018 games through the gawainya.

    "Some of the applications favored by subscribers during this year's Lebaran period are YouTube which contributes to the use of Telkomsel's 24.2% data service, followed by Instagram (19.3%) and Facebook (13.3%)," Bob said in a statement. officially in Bandung.

    Overall, Telkomsel recorded the highest increase of data traffic traffic on H-1 Lebaran to 12.89 Petabytes or increased by 22.3% compared to data service traffic on the normal day and Lebaran period last year, the traffic of this service increased about 109%.

    Central Java and D.I. Yogyakarta, East Java, and Bali and Nusa Tenggara experienced the highest increase of data service usage up to 40,5% compared to normal day. Similarly, in volume, data service traffic that occurred in these areas is the highest nationally, penetrate the number 3.77 Petabyte.

    Bob explained that the use of data services during Lebaran moment recorded a significant increase in several locations that became the gathering point for travelers, such as Limbangan Garut Square, Bandung Station, Pasar Turi Baru Surabaya, Tangerang Ciledug Toll Gate, and Leuwipanjang Terminal Bandung. Similar spikes also occur in tourist sites crowded with visitors, including Batu Karas Pangandaran, Ciwidey Bandung, Bandung Lembang, Flower City Peak, and Beach Santolo Garut.

    "We are grateful to serve customers and society well starting from the beginning of Ramadan to the peak of Lebaran, the quality, capacity, and coverage of our fixed network optimized until the end of Lebaran holiday and so on so that customers can always communicate comfortably," he explained

    In contrast to the voice service traffic in Telkomsel's network during Lebaran this year recorded a decrease of 9.8% compared to normal day to about 1.29 billion minutes. Meanwhile, SMS traffic service at Lebaran peak reached 594 million SMS or down 2.1% than normal day.

    In terms of service quality, data connection success rate, SMS sending and voice calling reached 99.82%, 99.83%, and 98.46%, respectively, which means that in general the customers can enjoy the communication service smoothly.

    Meanwhile, the areas that receive the most customer arrivals from other regions during the Lebaran homecoming period this year are Central Java and D.I. Yogyakarta with 3.06 million subscribers, West Java (1.72 million subscribers), and East Java (1.32 million subscribers). jo

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