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    This Early June, Realization of West Java Regional Budget Expenditure FY 2018 Reaches 36.73%


    BANDUNG-Realization of Regional Budget Expenditure (APBD) West Java Province Year (FY) 2018 per June 8, 2018, reaching 36.73% or Rp 12.4 trillion more than the total budget of Rp 33.9 trillion more.

    It was revealed in a leader meeting (rapim) led by the Acting (Pj.) West Java Governor Moch. Iriawan in Papandayan Room Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (21/6/18). Also present in the meeting Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Iwa Karniwa.

    Meeting on the first day of work entry post-leave Lebaran this is the first time for Iriawan since he was inaugurated into Acting Governor of West Java, June 18, 2018 ago. This Meeting was attended by all Echelon II Officials or Head of Organization of Regional Devices (OPD) in West Java Provincial Government.

    In the meeting, West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa explained that the total target of Pure Revenue in West Java Budget Expenditure FY 2018 reached Rp 31.9 Trillion more. While the amount of Regional Expenditure reached Rp 33.9 trillion more. This means there is a deficit of Rp 2 Trillion.

    "This deficit we cover from Silpa, which is from the rest of the tender and from over target revenue," said Iwa in his presentation in the rapim.

    Total Revenue comes from Local Own Revenue (PAD) of Rp 17.5 Trillion more, Balancing Funds Rp 14.3 Trillion more, and Others. Legal Revenue reached Rp 31.1 Billion more.

    While the amount of expenditures comes from Indirect Expenditure of Rp 25.5 Trillion more, consisting of: Employee Expenditure, Interest Expense, Subsidy Spending, Grant Expenditure, Social Assistance Spending, Profit Sharing to provinces / regencies / municipalities and village government, and Direct Shopping reached Rp 8.4 Trillion, consisting of: Employee Expenditure, Shopping of Goods and Services, and Capital Expenditure.

    Accelerate Effectiveness of BIJB Kertajati

    Meanwhile, Acting West Java Governor Moch Iriawan wants operational West Java International Airport (BIJB) to run more effectively. Currently the new Kertajati Airport serves one flight route, namely Kertajati-Surabaya and Surabaya-Kertajati. While Lion Air flight users plan to fly from Kertajati starting next month.

    "We have to speed up Kertajati Airport is really the second largest airport. The President has already inaugurated and it (the airport) must run, "said Iriawan.

    The flight from Kertajati to Surabaya and vice versa is not yet effective in shortening travel time for the purpose of Bandung-Surabaya and Surabaya-Bandung. Because Iriawan said, people who will Surabaya to Bandung or vice versa must first travel almost two and a half hours from Kertajati to Bandung or vice versa.

    "How from Surabaya want to come to Bandung via Kertajati, while from Kertajati to Bandung almost two and a half hours. The flight from Surabaya to Kertajati is one hour and five minutes, if (Kertajati) to Bandung one hour 10 minutes, "said Iriawan.

    Therefore, Iriawan asked related parties to speed up the Cisumdawu Toll Road settlement process. "So the acceleration of revitalization (Toll) Cisumdawu it must have progressnya. If the airport (Kertajati) is quiet, it can not grow, "he said.

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