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    Acting Governor Asks General Election Commission to Guarantee Voter Rights


    BANDUNG-Acting (Pj) West Java Governor M. Iriawan, briefing the Coordination Meeting of the Provincial Election Commission (KPU) with Regency / City KPU, at Crowne Plaza, Lembong Street No. 19, Braga, Bandung, Tuesday (19/06/2018) night.

    The event became the first agenda of Iriawan, or familiarly called Iwan, since he was inaugurated on Monday (06/18/2018) ago, at Gedung Merdeka Bandung.

    At this meeting, Iwan appreciates and gives spirit to the ranks of Provincial General Election Commission and Regency / City General Election Commission are actively working to prepare for the success of elections in West Java 2018.

    "Incredibly, others still vacation, General Election Commission are meeting here," said Iwan.

    As Acting Governor, Iwan wants elections in West Java success. Election should start and finish as well as possible. Of course for the authorities, must uphold neutrality.

    "I have to be neutral because I am the organizer of the election, TNI / Police, General Election Commission, and all related parties, all implementing the election, must be professional," he said.

    In the election, Iwan said, there are a number of success indicators to be achieved. election can be said to be successful, marked by high number of community participation. Conversely, if there are still many people don't vote, meaning has not succeeded.

    Then, all the process must run smoothly. Starting from logistics, distribution of various electoral equipment, voting, recapitulation, until the stipulation of the result of vote acquisition must be ensured smoothness.

    Related to the smoothness he expected, Iwan told the Chairman of Regency / City General Election Commission to be able to coordinate with the police in the area, both at the resort  police and sector police levels.

    "If there is something difficult to coordinate, report to the Chairman of the Provincial General Election Commission or to the Acting Governor," he said.

    Because election, according to Iwan, is a political battle for West Java. So the battle must be prepared as possible so that the results obtained can be 'fair' or as expected by the community.

    Iwan stressed, that this time West Java has entered the end of the campaign. This means that voting time, collection, calculation, recapitulation, until the determination will arrive soon.

    "Guaranteed voter rights! Ensure smooth smoothness and security," said Iwan.

    "Check if there are other things that need to be ascertained, because only a few days, June 23, 2018 has entered the period of calm, then (date) 27 voting," he told the Chairman of Regency / City General Election Commission in attendance.

    Iwan also stressed that the parties in charge of election success work professionally, because the success or failure of elections will risk the trust of the community.

    "Do not get caught, it's not a holiday, if anything is suspected, so from now on if anything, contact the General Election Commission chairman, or contact me directly," said Iwan.

    In connection with the debate activities of Candidate of Governor (Cagub) and Candidate Vice Governor (Cawagub) the third round, or last, which will take place at Sudirman Grand Ballroom, General Sudirman Street No.620 Bandung on Friday (22/06/2018), Iwan said he would be present to give encouragement and welcome to the Candidate Pairs (Paslon).

    Iwan wants the debate activities to be prepared as possible.

    "Before the debate begins, the pair candidates should be put together before the perception, and there should be something beyond the substance of West Java development, which actually triggers things we do not want," said Iwan.

    "Someday someone can talk, please give directions to the pair candidates," the message.

    To the Candidate of Governor (Cagub) and Candidate Vice Governor (Cawagub) Iwan advised, to be ready to win and ready to lose. Show the best programs and concepts to build West Java. Most importantly, show political maturity.

    Not to forget, Iwan also invites the people of West Java to come to the Voting Place (TPS) to convey his voice right.

    Election of West Java 2018, followed by four Candidates of Governor (Cagub) and Candidates Vice Governor (Cawagub). There are 'Rindu,' Ridwan Kamil-Uu Ruzhanul Ulum serial number 1; 'Hasanah,' Hasanuddin-Anton Charliyan serial number 2; Candidate pair 'Asyik,' Sudrajat-Ahmad Shiasik serial number 3; and "2DM candidate pair," Deddy Mizwar-Dedi Mulyadi serial number 4.

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