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    Iriawan is Monitoring Lebaran Flow In Cileunyi


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Acting Governor of West Java General Com. Pol. M. Iriawan directly reviewed the situation of flow back Lebaran traffic 2018 at Police Post Cileunyi Bandung regency. The observation was conducted on Wednesday afternoon (20/62018) accompanied by West Java Transportation Department Dedi Taufik, West Java Head of Bina Marga Guntoro and other West Java Regional Organizational Device.

    In Cileunyi post, Iriawan got exposure to traffic conditions in Bandung regency as a whole from Bandung chief police AKBP Indra.

    "Overall the condition of the back and forth flow this year is more orderly and smooth than last year.If there is trouble, we have prepared the steps to overcome it," said Indra.

    Iriawan sees the trend of homecoming flow this year better because it is supported by road infrastructure that has been built in various regions. The plan, Iriawan also will review the progress of construction of Cisumdawu toll road to ensure completion next year.

    "Of course now the road infrastructure is already supported and many travelers are using public transportation and Cisumdawu Toll I will also see I will report to the central government for immediate settlement including bocimi," he said.

    Then Iriawan expressed his appreciation to the Bandung Police for his performance to serve the community, especially the homecomers

    "Thank for the dedication, even the they did not go home for the sake of serving the community .. Yes, I also experienced it when I was West Java police chief .. It's hard but this is our job," he said.

    Iriawan also requested that the posts not be dismantled in H + 7 Eid on schedule, but more 2 or 3 days from the schedule.

    "That is to serve the travelers who return home somewhat late from the schedule of leave together so do not be dismantled first, still serve the new homecomers can go home through the schedule of leave together," he said.

    After the ketupat operation is completed on June 24, 2018, Iriawan hopes that the West Java Regional Police will be ready to secure the ongoing process of election which will be held on June 27, 2018.

    "Indeed friends in the Police must have been released to the polling stations because the date of June 24 was a quiet week and then preparations for voting on June 27, yes," he concluded.

    On that occasion, Iriawan also asserted that he will work professionally perform the duty of the state as Acting Governor, including promise will remain neutral in West Java elections. (Even)

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