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    Main Secretary of National Resilience Institute M. Iriawan is Officially Became the Acting Governor of West Java


    BANDUNG-Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahjo Kumolo, representing the President of the Republic of Indonesia, inaugurated the Main Secretary (Sestama) National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) M. Iriawan as Acting Governor of West Java, on Monday (18/06/2018), at Gedung Merdeka Bandung West Java.

    The inauguration of the Acting Governor of West Java is in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 106 / P Year 2018 on Ratification of Dismissal With Respectful Governor and Vice Governor of West Java Term of the Year 2013-2018 and Appointment of Acting Governor of West Java set in Jakarta on June 8, 2018.

    The basis of appointment of the Acting Governor is article 201 paragraph (10) of Law Number 10 Year 2016 regarding the Election of Regional Head "To fill the vacancy of the Governor, appointed acting governor from high-level office until the inauguration of the governor in accordance with the provisions of legislation ".

    Home Minister Tjahjo Kumolo in his direction to the inaugurated official emphasized to implement the government by building intensive communication with Parliament, Regional Organizational Device leaders, and all leaders in order to streamline local government.

    "As well as establishing good coordination in implementing the assistance and facilitation of Implementation with elements of leaders, general election and supervisory election agency in order to succeed West Java election," said Tjahjo.

    Tjahjo also emphasized that Acting Governor of West Java always based on Nawa Cita in every implementation of government duty.

    In addition, the Minister of Home Affairs also advised Acting Governor to guard the neutrality of Civil Servant, and TNI / Polri in the Election of West Java.

    While the Governor of West Java Period 2013-2018 Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) to congratulate the work and served to M. Iriawan.

    According to Aher, with experience Iriawan who also once served West Java Police Chief, the dynamics of this province would be familiar to him. Aher also felt very familiar with Iriawan.

    "For all of us Mr. Iriawan is familiar, once a West Java Police Chief, we even know him with the call 'Iwan Bule'," said Aher.

    Aher also revealed that his two-period journey is a relatively long time, but feels so short after it passes.

    "The various obstacles passed, 10 years I completed with gratitude.In my first period with Mr. Dede Yusuf, and the second period with Mr. Deddy Mizwar," he said.

    Acting Governor of West Java who has just been inaugurated M. Iriawan said he was ready to carry out any duty for the sake of the nation and state, including assigned as Acting Governor of West Java.

    He also vigorously claimed to be ready to carry out the tasks mandated to him with hard work and full of responsibility.

    The first step he will do is open communication, coordinate with the whole range of Organizational Device / Agency to Bureau in the scope of West Java Provincial Government.

    "Also I will coordinate with all regional leaders, to the Regent / Mayor to align the ranks," said Iriawan.

    Iriawan appreciates 10 years of Leadership Ahmad Heryawan, with many achievements and successful programs perceived benefits by the community.

    So, in addition to running the Minister of Home Affairs, Iriawan was determined to continue the programs of West Java Provincial Government in Ahmad Heryawan in serving the community.

    Concerned elections in conjunction 2018, Iriawan determined to oversee all the process as possible. He said he was ready to guard the neutrality of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN), and the TNI / Polri.

    Duties and Authority of Acting Governor

    Based on the release of Home Affair Ministry, the acting Governor who has been inaugurated has the duties and authorities of the regional head as mandated by Article 65 of Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government.

    Meanwhile, in accordance with Article 132A of Government Regulation No. 49/2008 on Third Amendment of Government Regulation Number 6 Year 2005 on the Election, Approval of Appointment and Dismissal of Regional Head and Deputy Regional Head, several restrictions of a Governor's Official are:

    a. Transforming employees;
    b. Cancel licenses issued by previous officials and / or issuing licenses contrary to those issued by previous officials;
    c. Establish a policy on regional expansion that is contrary to the policies of previous officials and;
    d. Establish policies that conflict with government administration policies and development programs of previous officials.
    e. Such restriction-related provisions may be exempted after obtaining written approval from the Minister of the Interior.

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