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    737 Thousand Homercomers Use Train


    BANDUNG - The railway transport modes are still the favorite means of transporting people as a mode for going home and back during Ied al Fit holiday, as evidenced by the increasing number of passengers who use it.

    Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Daerah Operasi (Daop) 2 Bandung Joni Martinus said that until Sunday (17/06) or H + 1 after Lebaran, Daop 2 has dispatched 737,725 passengers of Main Train (executive, business, economy long distance) and Local Rail .

    "The number increased 5% compared to the same day in 2017, which amounted to 704,743 passengers," said Joni, in Bandung Station, Monday (18/06).

    According to Joni, a sharp spike in passengers occurred at the Local Rail which on H + 1 reached 65,313 people, or well beyond the daily passengers of the Local Train during the Lebaran.

    "In addition to the Local Train, passenger KA Utama (executive, business, long-distance economy) also experienced an increase in H + 1, which reached 17,143 passengers, up 24% compared to the year 2017 as many as 13,788 passengers," he said.

    Joni added that based on data obtained during Lebaran 2018, the peak of homecoming will occur on June 9, 2018 (H-6) Lebaran and for the peak of backflow predict will occur in H + 2 and H + 3 Eid. (Parno)

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