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    Acting Governor of West Java Accompanied President to Pray Ied in Bogor


    BANDUNG-Acting Governor of West Java Iwa Karniwa will hold a prayer Ied with President Joko Widodo in Bogor.

    This decision follows the results of the Isbat trial which stipulates 1 Shawwal 1439 H falls on Friday (15/06/2018) tomorrow. "I'm sorry I can not participate in Ied prayer in Gasibu, because I must accompany Mr. President in Bogor," he said when contacted in Bandung, Thursday (14/06/2018).

    According to him, after praying ied and halal bihalal President at Bogor Palace himself will immediately slide to Bandung. The plan after Friday prayers Iwa will lead the open house in Pakuan Building, Bandung afternoon sessions.

    "Open house is still held from the morning, if the schedule of the new day begins to wait for me, pity the citizens who have come from the morning there is also civil servant who must be going home out of town," he said.

    Open house in Pakuan in the morning after Id prayer in Gasibu is planned to be led by Head of West Java Bappeda Jerry Yanuar. In addition Iwa ensured former West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan and his wife will be also in Pakuan.

    "Insyaallah Mr Ahmad Heryawan will still be present in Pakuan, an opportunity for citizens who want to halal bihalal with him after full duty," he said.

    Iwa who also Secretary of West Java confess with the assignment carried on this year's Lebaran, then he will not go home like the previous years. "I stand by in Bandung, going home to Ciamis was my first time last week," he said.

    As Acting Governor of West Java, his side did not forget to convey the congratulation of Eid al-Fitr 2018 for all citizens of West Java. "I personally and the entire ranks of West Java provincial pronounced minal aidzin wal faidzin, apologize born and inner," he concluded.

    West Java provincial government plans to focus prayer id this year at Gasibu Field, Diponegoro Street, Bandung. Former West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan will certainly be a preacher.

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