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    This Impression of Ahmad Heryawan During 10 Years of Governor of West Java


    BANDUNG-Right on Wednesday June 13, 2018, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) ended his post as Governor of West Java. Leading the province with the largest population in Indonesia for two periods or 10 years since 2008, Aher has made many achievements to make West Java the most advanced province in Indonesia.

    Now, to fill the vacancy, in accordance with the radiogram of the Minister of Home Affairs Tjahyo Kumolo number 121.32 / 3694 / Sj, Provincial Government West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa appointed as Daily Implementer Governor of West Java Governor until the inauguration of Acting Governor.

    The submission and signing of documents from the Ministry of Home Affairs concerning Daily Implementer Governor as well as the signing of the transfer of assets of state assets have been done by Ahmad Heryawan with Iwa Karniwa in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (13/06/2018).

    The event which was packed in Paturay Tineung Governor was also attended by Deddy Mizwar who also has ended his post as Vice Governor along with Aher. Also present are former Governor of West Java Danny Setiawan, Nu'man Abdul Hakim, West Java honor figures, a number of Mayors and Regents of West Java in the event is quite touching.

    In his speech, Aher expressed his gratitude to all parties and the people of West Java who have been together shoulder to build West Java . He also apologized if during the lead West Java there are still shortcomings or ideals that have not been achieved. To reporters, Aher also expressed his impression during 10 years in office.

    "It does not seem right today 10 years, a lot of sense, togetherness, the moment of formalizing school, cheerful with the children, inaugurating the road, electricity entering the village, geopark Ciletuh, including the new Airport Kertajati and many more memories most beautiful, "said Aher.

    At the end of his tenure, Aher had inaugurated a number of mosques in various areas that have been completed.

    "But last night we still inaugurated a number of mosques as well," he said.

    Aher revealed, from some of the physical development in West Java, the most aspired is the construction of Al-Jabbar floating mosque. The largest mosque located in Gedebage Bandung area has now reached 30 percent and continues to be boosted its development. Aher hopes that, even if he is not a Governor, he can be a witness at the inauguration of his proposed mosque that is targeted to be completed by the end of 2019.

    "Among the physical development in West Java is the most entrance to the heart, the highest value and really become my goal is the construction of the Al Jabbar mosque is now underway is in the position of 30 percent more or less.Hopefully we will be a witness completed in time, "he said.

    After no longer serving the Governor, Aher said he would undergo routines such as teaching, gardening and daily activities at home. According to him, many educational institutions have offered him to teach.

    "My next activity tomorrow will teach, cultivate and others, many who offer me and wife teach Then will come back home, clean up, care the child," said Aher added by his wife Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan beside him.

    Aher also expressed his longing for the atmosphere of togetherness and beauty of Gedung Sate building that had become his office.

    "The longing of the Gedung Sate family atmosphere and beauty, yes, this is amazingly beautified with the completion of Gedung Sate museum," he said.

    Not to mention Aher also thanked the media especially the journalists who always cover it that has become the control in every step of its development.

    "Always miss the media friends who are always critical and sharp, if it's not, there is also media we lose control, so thank for journalists friends," he said.

    Although it is not a Governor, Aher will remain a preacher or preacher at Eid prayers in the field of Gasibu on June 15th. It is his last chapter or the 11th consecutive year of governor.

    "Insha Allah I am tomorrow the last chapter in GasiBu, that is my 11th sermon during 10 years of governor, I am consistent in 10 years of consistency in Gasibu Consistent also PAP seven years in a row," he said.

    In the same place, Acting West Java Governor Iwa Karniwa determined to carry out his duties with the maximum. Development that has been running well must be kept and improved. Iwa will also focus on the nearest big agenda that is West Java election simultaneously and escort a number of infrastructure development.

    "Of course the work is relatively very much yes, in the near future such as the process of elections simultaneously and infrastructure development as well as other things that are running so far certainly there should be no pause at all and expected to increase," his will. Iwa who also will double as Secretary , asking all ASNs to work together to carry out the basic tasks and functions well as they have done before. "Of course we also can not work alone, I ask the whole civil servant to close the line performing the basic tasks and functions well and "I hope also prayer from the people of West Java, Bismillah I will jointly implement the Acting Governor," he said.

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