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    APEK Will Arouse the National Economy


    KARAWANG-In order to prepare in the ASEAN Economic Community, Karawang District Government together with the Association of Karawang Employers Engineering (APEK) established cooperation in economic development, especially in the field of engineering, as seen in the APEK working meeting which was held in the ballroom of Brits Hotel Karawang on Thursday (25/02/16).

    The workshop was opened with the beating a gong by Karawang Regent dr. Cellica Nurachadiana. It was attended by West Java DPRD Chairman of Commission II of Economic Affairs Ir. Ridho Top Budiman, Head of Perindagtamben Karawang, Ir. H. Hanafi, Head of Department of Cooperatives and UMKM Karawang District, Asep Djunaedi.

    In a report submitted by the APEK Chairman H.R Wiguna was explained that the dynamics of economic development provides a signal of the importance of improving the competitiveness at the national level. So that human resources in Indonesia needs to improve their competence. Indonesia should be able to take advantage by increasing national economies, as a base to obtain benefits by developing medium-sized businesses (UKM).

    Karawang Regent dr. Cellica Nurachadiana in her speech said that it is an obligation to strive in advancing our own homeland. "I am also proud with APEK who has an important role as a partner. May in the future it be more able to advance Karawang," said Cellica.

    Furthermore Cellica explained APEK is the only one in Indonesia and in Karawang particularly, it may be a national pilot project that able to stretch economy in Karawang and Indonesia. "As regional govt we will help to further strengthen APEK through Regional Regulation and decree that may be able to improve standardisation of quality and competitive price," Cellica added.

    Chairman of Commission II DPRD of West Java Province Ir. Ridho Budiman  Utomo delivered his speech. There are some risks faced if we are not prepared such as the market risk, poor quality of resources, poor product quality control, lack of access to markets as well as technological limitations which may also impact with a reduction in product quality.

    Laode Hasahu as potential partners of APEK communicated its plans of building fruit wholesale market and rice which have vision to advance the farmers. "The market were built, would be a national scale. Although located in Karawang, it can grow up nationally which will also be working with the technology and banking to e-money," Laode said obviously.

    Laode also added that this market vision in promoting the farmers, then things were done will also more develop the farmers through breaking the chain that had been considered handcuff the farmers. As known that MEA has two sides that can be made both in opportunities and challenges. May each policy created will be more beneficial for each parties.

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