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    Goodbye to Neighbors, Aher Reminisced Himself Early Stay in Pakuan Building


    BANDUNG-After holding a friendship with the security officers, Security Guards, and Cleaning Service of Gedung Sate, Aher and Netty do kinship at once farewell to the residents around West Java Governor's House in Pakuan Building.

    Hundreds of residents of RT 01 RW 01 Babakan Ciamis Urban Village, Sumur Bandung, Bandung City attended directly in the event which was assembled by Breaking Fasting at Gedung Pakuan, Otto Iskandinata Street No. 1 City of Bandung, Tuesday (12/6/18).

    Aher recounted his early life in Pakuan Building after he was inaugurated as Governor of West Java Period 2008-2013 on Friday, June 13, 2008 ago. At that time, the first night of Aher at Pakuan Building went through alone without his wife and children.

    "Friday afternoon I came here (Pakuan Building) to stay here alone. Because wife and children are still in Jakarta. Tomorrow morning wife and children come here, "Aher story.

    Not a long wait, when it as a new resident in Babakan Ciamis, Aher and family immediately do kinship with local people. "The following Sunday morning I was going around meeting people here. They (citizens around Pakuan) quite surprised because the first day I've been around to meet people, "said Aher.

    "I say (to the citizens) that the obligation, no matter how this State Building, House of course have neighbors. The first thing I must say of course is the nearest neighbor, the house around Pakuan, "Aher said.

    Aher also admitted, for ten years as Governor himself never once out or moved from Pakuan Building. After no longer serving as Governor, Aher will remain in Bandung. However, Aher and family will temporarily rent the house to his new home in Pasir Impun area, Bandung Regency completed.

    "We decided to stay in Bandung. But when deciding to stay in Bandung for his house late, so until today has not been completed, "said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Community Leader and Chairman of DKM Al Khoir Mosque RT 01 RW 01 Babakan Ciamis Urban Village, Bandung Sub-District, Bandung, H. Dudung Abdullah expressed his gratitude to Aher and family. As a state official, Dudung said, Aher can maintain good relations with his closest neighbors.

    "Thank you also to the Governor. What really concerns us as the nearest neighbors, whether through the moment of Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and so on. Included in the home surgery program as well, "said Dudung.

    "The good that the Governor has given us, is priceless. We say thank you, "he added.

    Dudung and residents also hope, Governor substitute Aher future attitude and the same with an Ahmad Heryawan. "It will be closeness with us, with its citizens and all its kind," concluded Dudung.

    Netty Want To Be Foster Integrated Service Post & Cempaka Pre-School Babakan Ciamis

    In his friendship with residents around the Pakuan Building, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan expressed his desire to be the mother of Integrated Service Post and Cempaka Pre-School RW 01 Babakan Ciamis (near Pakuan Building).

    This is done by Netty, because he wanted to keep friendship with residents around the Pakuan Building. "I want this friendship to stay, because I also much helped by the existence of Integrated Service Post and Cempaka Pre-School neighboring Pakuan. I want to be a Foster Mothers and Foster Parent Integrated Service Post and Cempaka Pre-School neighbor Pakuan State Building, "said Netty.

    Netty continued, although he is no longer a resident of Pakuan Building, he hopes his relationship with the people around Pakuan Building continues to be unified by the same ideals, namely to build West Java into the most advanced and prosperous province.

    "Hopefully the separation is only physical. But rest assured, my heart and the heart of the mother / father has been so deeply adrift, "said Netty.

    Achievements achieved by West Java, according to Netty, also can not be separated from the prayers and support cooperation of the entire community of West Java, Babakan Ciamis community is no exception, District Sumur Bandung, Bandung, the nearest neighbor of West Java Governor.

    "We also apologize, perhaps the closest neighbors (gubernator) is rarely greet, because Kang Aher working area is spreaded in 27 cities / districts, 626 subdistricts, 5.312 villages / urban villages," Netty said.

    "We're sorry if we have not been a good neighbor. But trying to say hello at certain times, hopefully it becomes the memories of the most beautiful and most memorable, "he concluded.

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