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    Aher Appreciates Security Officer & Cleaning Service of Gedung Sate


    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) accompanied by his wife, Netty Presetiyani Heryawan conducted kinship with 700 security officers (Kamdal), Security Guards, and Cleaning Service (CS) Gedung Sate.

    Aher thanked and gave his appreciation to the technical officers of West Java Governor's Office. According to him, for ten years as Governor of West Java, many parties assist and cooperate with the West Java Provincial Government under his leadership.

    No doubt, Aher claimed to start from Echelon Officers, Staff, to security and guard, and Cleaning Service has helped himself either directly or indirectly. All parties have helped him in realizing the vision of West Java Forward and Prosperous For All.

    "I have to say thank you to all parties, all parties have worked hard, doing various detail jobs in the provinces, all have worked hard," Aher said in his speech during his stay with security & CS Gedung Sate in East Hall, Gedung Sate, Diponegoro street No. 22, the city of Bandung, Tuesday (12/6/18).

    "As a result of the work, present achievement, this (West Java achievement) also includes contributions from the all (security, guard, Cleaning Service)," he continued.

    "This time in particular I have to say thank you and appreciation for you and I thank you for the role," Aher added.

    A total of 281 awards have been achieved West Java in various fields. This appreciation comes from within the country or abroad. Aher hopes that the goodness that has been given over the past ten years has been a blessing and a righteous deed.

    "Hopefully what has been dedicated to West Java rewarded by Allah SWT and become a weight weighing charity in Yaumil Mizan later.Aamiin," he hoped.

    Recorded by the Sky Administration Officer

    On this occasion, Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan revealed that all the dedication and dedication that has been done has been well recorded by the administrative officers of the sky. The angels on our right and left should never mistaken and manipulate the good that man has done.

    "May I and Kang Aher not know all the names present here. But rest assured there are two officers God places on each of our right and left shoulders. That is the administrative officers of the sky who never mistakenly record every good deed and deeds that we do, "she explained.

    Netty added that dedication or dedication of various parties, including security officers, Security Guard, and Cleaning Service during her husband became Governor of West Java can not be replied with the material.

    "There are officers who serve Kang Aher to open the gate, stay up waiting for Aher to come home from out of town, some clean up, it can not be reciprocated or rewarded with material, God willing recompense better," Netty said.

    "The success of Kang Aher's 281 awards is the success of you (security, Security Guard, and Cleaning Service) who have helped extraordinarily," he said.

    At the end of his speech, Aher and Netty apologize to the the Security Guard and the Cleaning Service officer. "I apologize if there are things that are less pleasing. We also apologize if the appreciation to you is not worth all this time, "she concluded.

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