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    3 Focus of Daily Implementer Governor of West Java


    BANDUNG-Daily Implementer of West Java Governor Iwa Karniwa ensures that a number of important short-term agendas will be his focus after Ahmad Heryawan renounces his term.

    First, it will continue to coordinate the organization device associated with the comfort of residents widths, backflow until the holiday leave Eid. According to him, he has asked the Transportation Office, Civil Servant Office, Health Office, and DGH to provide the best service. It was expressed Iwa after receiving a memory position as Governor daily implementer of West Java from Ahmad Heryawan who ended his tenure at Gedung Sate, Wednesday afternoon (13/06/2018).

    "Service and comfort of citizens who are running Lebaran and backflow later should be better than the previous year. We also continue to do good coordination with the police and others, "he explained.

    Second, his side immediately consolidate the internal provincial government related tasks that are running, budget absorption, and effectiveness of the organization. "West Java provincial government civil servant is compact and solid, we keep this good condition. Let's close the line, "he said.

    Finally, it will also monitor and ensure that the agenda of West Java election that is running to remain conducive to the determination of the elected Governor-Vice Governor. "All the concerns related to not conducive election and governor election in West Java should be answered with anticipatory and coordinative steps with other stakeholders, including with the TNI / Police," he said.

    "We are waiting for the best elected leaders, we make sure the organization is ready to run the government with the new governor and vice-governor," he said, adding that he and West Java civil servant would be neutral in the 2018 elections. (Even)

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