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    H-2 Cipali is Monitored Crowded Smoothly


    BANDUNG-Head of the Office of Classification and Class A Relief Bandung S. Riyadi said traffic conditions on H-2 in the toll Cipali observed crowded smoothly.

    It is known after the Office of the National Agency and Relief Bandung to monitor the lane of going home through the air using a helicopter.

    "We are using Basarnas HR 105 Bolco helicopter to monitor the condition of traffic flow in the north coast of West Java," he told reporters at the Basarnas office in Bandung on Wednesday (13/6/2018).

    Riyadi explained that the helicopter will operate to accident-prone points and vehicle volume density on Lebaran 2018 traffic.

    Meanwhile, the results of observation starting at 10:00 pm, KM 137 Cirebon solid direction creeps approximately 4 KM, 2 density dot is at KM 100 and 135. Congestion occurs due to people park the vehicle is not in place of rest area.

    "As a result around that there is a slow flow of vehicles due to vehicles from the left lane jostling to return to the right lane," he said.

    Other monitoring of existing vehicles that forced entry into the rest area of the right lane resulted in the buildup of vehicles on the toll lane. This occurs in some rest areas, especially KM 102 and 165.

    "So far, the Cipali track is still conducive," he concluded.

    While the observation along the journey of Bandung to Cirebon, there is no meaningless bottleneck. The queue of vehicles only occurs at a number of spill market points, such as at Tanjungsari Market Sumedang, Majalengka Triangle Market, and entrance and exit of Pejagan toll road. Jo

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