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    Toward Lebaran, Pertamax Consumption Increases 20%


    BANDUNG - Entering the second day of Lebaran holiday 2018, the density of the flow of motor vehicles already visible. Daily consumption of fuel oil (BBM) of PT Pertamina (Persero), especially at gas stations in the toll began to show an increase.

    Unit Manager Communication & CSR Pertamina MOR III Dian Hapsari Firasati explains, the increase in demand is mainly in gasoline products. The highest increase occurred in Pertamax type which is about 20% compared to normal condition.

    "Based on our observations, demand continues to increase with the solid vehicle," he told reporters at the Pertamina MOR III office in Bandung on Tuesday (6/12/2010).

    He added that the increasing demand is not only at gas stations but also at the Kiosk Packaging Kiosk facility.

    "Especially in the density that is high enough density is usually the consumer directly fill the fuel package, it looks at KM 33," he added.

    It is also in line with national conditions. Based on data from the Task Force of Ramadan and Idul Fitri (RAFI) 2018 Pertamina on Saturday afternoon, June 9, 2018, the distribution of Pertamax nationally has reached 22.1 million liters. Under normal conditions, the average distribution of Pertamax is 17.8 million liters.

    Meanwhile, superior products for diesel vehicles, namely Dex rose 6% to 773 thousand liters, compared to the normal daily average of 729 thousand liters.

    He added, in order to maintain the distribution of this fuel distribution, Pertamina standby monitoring and distribution in accordance with the needs of consumers.

    "If travelers need information about fuel or Pertamina, people can contact Pertamina Contact Center at 1500 000," he said .jo

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