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    Aher Inaugurated 5 Mosques at Once


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan at one time at the same time inaugurated 5 mosques. 5 mosques were inaugurated through the signing of 5 mosque inscriptions at Al-Muttaqin mosque, Gedung Sate area Bandung, Monday night (12/6/2018).

    In his speech Aher emphasized that the construction of a mosque funded by the Provincial budget expenditure was a total of 12 mosques scattered in various areas of Cities/ Districts.

    "Even before we planned 20 mosques, but due to limited budget and time then only 12 are realized, including the mosque of Al Muttaqin, and the largest mosque in West Java, the Al Jabbar mosque in Gedebage Bandung," he said.

    According to Aher, in fact the idea of building large mosques was motivated by the governor of R. Nuriana, among which succeeded in building Atta'awun mosque in the Bogor Peak.

    "Maybe not many people know that I was inspired by Mr. Nuriana, I told Mr. Nuriana at that time that I did not want to lose by you to build a mosque," he said.

    11 mosques that are and will be built, 5 of which are inaugurated Aher is Al Jabbar mosque in Rancabuaya, Al Jabbar mosque in Cikembar Sukabumi, Al Jabbar mosque in Kalipucang Pangandaran, and Al-Muttaqin mosque complex Gedung Sate.


    On this occasion, Aher and Wife, took the time to say goodbye to the congregation and civil servant attendees. Ahmad Heryawan put his position on Wednesday (13/6/18) and the task as Governor of West Java will be run by the Daily Task Force (Plh) since then. Thank you also delivered Aher to the civil servant, honorary, private and all societies in West Java to participate in development in West Java. Apologies are also expressed Aher, if there is a speech that hurts and offends.

    "I want to say that there really is no separation, only we move from one task to another because we are still in the earth of God, we are still together in West Java. God willing will bring togetherness of the world and the hereafter," said Aher .

    At the same time Aher received a book entitled "Berkhidmat Untuk Jawa Barat" from LPTQ West Java. Delivery is done by Assistant Governance Law and Social Welfare West Java Province, Dadi Iskandar. This book contains about the gait of West Java Governor in the field of religion. Submitted also scholarships on 10 students tahfiz Al-Quran targeted Baznas West Java. (Pun & Humas Jabar)

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