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    IPB Build PDD / PSDKU Campus in Sukabumi


    SUKABUMI-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) inaugurated the Draft Development Plan Campus Education Outside the Domicile (PDD) / Study Program Outside Main Campus (PSDKU) IPB Sukabumi, on Sarasa Street, Cibeureum, Sukabumi City, Sunday (10/06/2018).

    "Alhamdulillah we are grateful that today there is a declaration for the construction of IPB campus Sukabumi, then the land and value for the development of the campus comes from the West Java Provincial Budget Expenditure," said Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Governor Aher said it is a good cooperation between the Provincial Government and the IPB Campus.

    Through the Budget Expenditure, West Java provincial government this year poured funds of Rp86 billion for IPB. Divided for the construction of the building in Sukabumi is Rp61 billion, and the rest for the construction of the Auditorium at the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) IPB.

    "Hopefully, next year there will be cooperation and I hope that the Rector can lobby the Central Government to be assisted with the state budget," Aher said.

    Aher added, the construction of this campus, indicating the more extensive efforts of his side in preparing the Human Resources (HR) is reliable for the future of a more glorious nation.

    Currently, IPB in Sukabumi has accommodated about 600 students. With the construction of this campus PDD / PSDKU, targeted in 2019 can accommodate about 1,080 students.

    "In December, the development phase is now expected to be completed, so that 2019 can begin to be used," he explained.

    In addition, Aher told that the number of students from Sukabumi at IPB Sukabumi, only 30 percent. In the future, with the increasing number of quota of students, through the new lecture building built, Aher expected the participation of Sukabumi residents to get higher education can reach 50 percent more, than the total number of students on a campus.

    "It is the duty of the Principals to conduct socialization," Aher said.

    As for vocational majors, selected in this Campus IPB Sukabumi. Because the word Aher, IPB present based on the desire of the future berkemajuan. While there is no progress without educational institutions.

    "Here comes the corresponding millenial guidance program," he said.

    The worries associated with low rural participation rates (APK) in low-income universities in West Java, it is because a number of world class campuses in West Java such as UNPAD, IPB, ITB and UI many hunted students all over Indonesia, or grabbed the crowds.

    Responding to this, Aher admitted his party is seeking affirmative action. Two things are attempted namely, providing special quota for students of West Java. Second, adding new campuses, by building new buildings or 'confusing' Private campus.

    "We always strive to expand, expand capacity, to increase enrollment rates in West Java," said Aher.

    But not just improve the APK. The presence of educational capacity has a long-term goal for the welfare of society. Because Aher believes that there is no progress without the presence of education.

    "Not just APK, but in the future through education will prosper the community," he added.

    IPB Rector Arif Satria said that IPB is present in Sukabumi in 2016 with three courses namely Livestock Engineering and Management, Fishery Production Technology and Management, and S1 Environmental Resource Economics, with 56 new students.

    In 2017 plus several programs such as Seeds Techonolgy, Agribusiness Management Communication, and Eco Tourism, with a total of 303 students.

    "As for this year, there are 600 students, we hope that in 2019 the number of students can reach 1,080 people, so we answer the bill of students with the new building built," said Arif.

    Until now, IPB Sukabumi has campus land in Babakan sub-district of Cibeureum, Sukabumi city covering 14.1 hectares, and Limusnunggal urban village of Cibeureum, Sukabumi city covering 6.3 hectares.

    "Grants from the West Java provincial government and the city of Sukabumi are not only land, but there is also funding in both locations," he said.

    "Good news, there will be an additional 11 hectares that hopefully can be realized as soon as possible," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, the Acting (Pj) of the Mayor of Sukabumi Dadi Iskandar said that the establishment of the magnificent IPB campus in Sukabumi will facilitate the graduates of SMA / SMK / MA to gain access to education, and can be a choice of quality campus, thus saving the cost of education.

    "Here will be built Rectorate, Lecture Room, and all facilities including dormitories for students," explained Dadi.

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