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    Aher Releases 130 Free Homecoming Buses In Gedung Sate


    BANDUNG-As a form of service to the community, especially the less fortunate, West Java Provincial Government Back held free homecoming. This time, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially released 130 buses spread in Bandung City, Sukabumi City, Bogor City, Bekasi City and Cirebon City at Gedung Sate Bandung yard, Saturday (09/06/2018).

    All buses leave for a number of areas in Central Java through the north and south routes.

    "In the early years we leave only 30 buses, Alhamdulillah every year go up, and now up to 130 buses, depart from Bandung and other cities in West Java to Central Java and East Java," he said after releasing travelers.

    "We do this in order to make it easier for the special community of underprivileged people, if capable of course they use private vehicles," said Aher.

    Each year, free homecoming program aims to reduce the number of travelers who use two-wheeled vehicles. Aher said, going home motorcycle is very susceptible to accidents. Not a few accidents in the homecoming flow is dominated by motorcycles.

    "Also we do this in order to reduce homecomers using two wheels because it is very vulnerable to accidents," he said.

    In addition, West Java Department of Transportation also provides a fleet of free trucks to transport two-wheeled vehicles.

    "Of course this is part of government service to the public so comfortable when going home together," said Aher.

    From the observation on location, the bus that opened seems very comfortable, the bus body looks still good and well maintained. While the interior is comfortable with cooling or air conditioning.

    "Bus comfortable with air conditioning so will not be too tired on the trip, good luck hopefully get to the destination safely," said Aher who then led the prayer of departure bus back and forth.

    One of the homecomers, Purwanto, who will go to Wonogiri claimed happy West Java provincial government again held a free homecoming. According to the man who fate in the city of Bandung and reside in the area of Dago this free homecoming program is very helpful, especially can save costs and time.

    "This is good so help us," said Purwanto who accompanied his wife and two children.

    Services provided by West Java Transportation Department during the registration until the departure, also according to him quite well the process and facilitate it.

    "The service from the start of registration to depart very well yes, the direction to know the details, luggage was carried," he said.

    Purwanto hopes, reach or destination in the end of this free homecoming can be added to all areas in Central Java and East Java, even out of Java.

    "The path through the South and North is good, but I hope the future will be extended to the whole area, out of Java island if possible," he hoped.

    Of the 130 free bus fleet provided, 100 units are from the West Java Provincial Government. While 30 other units came from Jasa Raharja, West Java Police and Cimahi City.

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