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    Post Retirement, Aher Pleases FFB Continues Held


    BANDUNG-After entering retirement as Governor of West Java later, Ahmad Heryawan expects the Bandung Film Festival (FFB) keep running.

    It was revealed Ahmad Heryawan when receiving the audience of FFB board in Pakuan State Building, Monday (11/6/2018).

    Aher revealed Bandung Film Festival held on the initiation of artists and cultural West Java even has been going on for 31 years.

    "Alhamdulillah went well, never even interrupted for 31 years, even the last few years are always broadcast live by one of the national TV," he said.

    Aher considers the implementation of FFB already widely known. Going forward, it is expected to be done more lively and meaningful. Because the implementation of FFB is better able to bring the message of value to the people of West Java in particular and Indonesia in general, such as cultural values, so as to unite all parties.

    Aher added, art and culture is one of the glue of national unity.

    "This needs to be maintained, I ended the term of governor this month, of course this FFB should not be extinguished yes, the future continues to be developed more lively and more meaningful," he explained.

    Aher assess FFB is one of the appreciation forum of film world in Indonesia and international, then the development of FFB in West Java must be supported. Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java will also continue to pay attention to the existence of FFB.

    "We will talk with the next government to support the implementation of the FFB," Insya Alloh said, "my support will not be lost to FFB," he said.

    With regard to art facilities in West Java, Aher mentioned that besides making sport building facilities that also pay attention to other facilities, one of them the existence of art building in West Java.

    According to Aher development in West Java is not limited to infrastructure but humanitarian, such as education and health.

    "The development of infrastructure is important but it is far more important to prioritize human resources development first," he said.

    In the future, West Java Provincial Government will be committed to build the art and culture infrastructure, as has been proved by the development of infrastructure in other areas such as Geopark Ciletuh Palabuhanratu, Kertajati Airport, roads and sports facilities.

    Even Aher is eager to build a classical art house opera house, but technically will be handed over to Deddy Mizwar as an artist.

    "Hopefully in the new period of West Java government to the front of this art building can be realized," he concluded.

    The FFB Chairman Eddy D Iskandar said, as a form of appreciation, it will still invite Ahmad Heryawan in the final night of FFB conferment which is planned to take place in September 2018.

    "We still ask him to be in the circle FFB at once asking for his presence on the night peak FFB later," he said

    Eddy assess the Governor of West Java is very concerned about the existence of FFB. One proof of his support, Aher always provides the time to be present in the final night of the FFB conferment.

    "So the suport is so high that FFB is known until now, even widely known throughout Indonesia and can be broadcast live on one national TV thanks to the role of Mr. Governor," he concluded. (Even)

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