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    SK Kadis Dukcapil Now is Directly From the Home Affairs Minister


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) symbolically handed over the passage of Decree of the Home Affairs Minister on the dismissal and appointment the leadership positions at pratama level as Head of West Java Civil Registry and Demography Department (Kadis Dukcapil) to the three representatives of Regional head, in the West Hall Gedung Sate Bandung, Thursday (02/25/16).

    Governor Aher welcomed these SK submission where it was originally derived from the regent or mayor, and now is directly from the Home Affairs Minister. So that the demography data will be more accurate and will have an impact on development programs in each region.

    "We certainly welcome it as a major concern of the Central Government through the Ministry of Home Affairs. SK Kadis Dukcapil was no longer from the regent or mayor, but directly from the Home Affairs Minister," said Aher who was accompanied by the Director of Kemendagri Administrative.

    Aher revealed that with the improvements of demographic data, it will support the local government programs, such as Raskin program, grants and so on. “Demography is an object of development, because if the data was not accurate then the program will not run properly and possibly of misdirected happen,” he said.

    "The population data will specifically be updated any time," he added.

    From the 27 Cities/Regencies in West Java, Sukabumi was the only regency who have not received this decree because it still held the executing tasks. "Total of 26 Cities/Regencies have been given this decree, while Sukabumi has not yet because the officials are still being Plt," said Aher.

    Aher hoped this decree by Home Affairs Ministry was not only for the Civil Registry and Demography Department but also for BKKBN City/County because it involves the population regarding to the family planning. "I think BKKBN is also suit to receive these decree from the Centre govt, then it sought to the most proportional of population affairs,” he hoped.

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