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    Unique, Laying the First Stone Construction of Animal Education Hospital Unpad


    SUMEDANG-Governor of West Java inaugurated the initial construction of Animal Veterinary Hospital (RSHP) at Padjadjaran University Jatinangor campus on Saturday (9/6). The inauguration was marked by the laying of the first stone with the Rector of the University of Padjadjaran Tri Hanggono Achmad.

    The way of laying the first stone is different from the usual. To mark the commencement of the construction of this educational hospital, a rock from Mount Manglayang was placed on a white cloth. Then the governor, rector, and ranks of the Faculty of Medicine, holding each end of the cloth and walking took it to a foundation hole. They also put the stone together.

    The governor also told the history of the birth of Veterinary Medicine Program at the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University (Unpad). It was in Idul Adha 2015, he said, found worms in the heart of the sacrificial cattle. The governor who is familiarly called Aher is also deploying veterinarians and related agencies to examine all the sacrificial animals.

    "At that time I saw how important the role of veterinarians, the number of veterinarians in ours was a little bit, in which I judged should increase the number of veterinarians, through opening the Department of Veterinary Medicine," Aher said on the sidelines of the event.

    Aher said in Indonesia at that time there were only seven Department of Veterinary Medicine and could only produce 400 veterinarians per year, whereas the need of veterinarians in Indonesia is 1,200 doctors per year. Therefore, Veterinary Medicine was opened at Padjadjaran University.

    At that time, he said, West Java Provincial Government opened an animal hospital in Lembang and eventually became the first animal hospital in Indonesia. Aher said the health of pets and livestock should be guaranteed for health for human health.

    For his role in the field of animal health in West Java and Indonesia, Aher also received the award of Manusya Mriga Satwa Sewaka from the Indonesian Veterinarian Association (PDHI). Aher was noted to have pioneered the Department of Veterinary Medicine in Unpad, founded the Animal Hospital in Lembang which was the first in Indonesia, and founded the Animal Education Hospital in Unpad.

    "Hopefully the animal health field will be more complete, more veterinary experts to maintain animal health for human health," he said, stating the West Java Provincial Government disbursed Rp 20 billion for the initial development of RSHP.

    Aher says not only to ensure the health of livestock, animal health workers are needed to ensure the health of pets and even wild animals. West Java, he said, should prevent transmission of tuberculosis and rabies from dogs or monkeys to humans. (Even)

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