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    Aher: No Parting, Just Moving Tasks


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) eats meal with the Head of Regional Device (PD) / Head of Provincial Government of West Java Province, Pakuan State Building, Friday (08/06/2018).

    "Want to breakfasting together, but because time seems running out, we all alone together, we gathered in a family atmosphere like this," said Aher.

    In the opportunity gathered, Aher appreciated the performance that has been devoted to all apparatus organizational device. So until the end of the current Governor period, West Java Provincial Government has managed to collect 279 awards both nationally and internationally.

    The latest achievement that was achieved by West Java provincial government is Raihan Opinion WTP seventh time in succession from BPK RI to Local Government Financial Report (LKPD) Fiscal Year 2017 West Java Province.

    In addition, the Provincial Government has also achieved the value of "A" to predicate Local Government Performance Accountability from the Ministry of PAN RB RI.

    "Even if there is the highest award Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha, it is the performance of Mr / Ms (Organizational Device), the Civil Servant," he said.

    So Aher on this occasion expressed his gratitude and gave the highest appreciation to all civil servant in the West Java Provincial Government and all the parties involved in the development of West Java in the last ten years.

    Aher also said that he outlines only design programs and determine the direction of political policy set forth in the campaign promise and RPJMD.

    "But the technicality is the civil servant," he said.

    In the meantime, the gathering of the organizational chiefs at the Sahur meal together became an opportunity for Aher to say good-bye in the last days of his tenure. He also apologized for all errors during his term as Governor of West Java period 2008-2013 and 2013-2018.

    "At the same time I also say goodbye to all of them.Thank you for togetherness for ten years and also I apologize if for ten years as governor of many shortcomings," said Aher.

    In fact, Aher says, there is no separation. Because both the Heads of Organizational Device, the Civil Servant, and himself, are still in the corridors of devotion to the nation and state.

    "There is no separation, there is only a task move. We hope, wherever we are we remain in the good," Aher added.

    After the Sahur and Subuh Pray activities together. The governor also made visits to a number of official offices, as well as to greet the Civil Servants in his last days.

    A number of agencies visited include the Water Resources Management Agency (PSDA), the Marine and Fishery Service Office, the One Stop Service (DPMPTSP), the PP, and the Regional Personnel Board (BKD).

    "I want to keep it in the last days I go around the OPD, but because yesterday accompany the President of Indonesia, I ended up traveling around West Java with him.

    Renewal of 4 Hours
    While West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa is telling the atmosphere of the last meal with Governor Aher so feel kinship and warm. "But we are all overwhelmed with the atmosphere of newness as well," he said.

    According to him scheduled to disperse after the shubuh pray, he along with all the echelon II who came back together with Aher and Netty Heryawan to re-express the things that had not appeared during the event or official meeting.

    "After 3:30 pm we resumed the meeting and it was not until 6:30 am Almost 4 hours we and Mr Aher and Mrs. Netty were talking to heart.

    Iwa himself claimed to represent echelon II officials and Provincial Government Civil Servant of West Java thanked for the leadership of Aher for two periods. According to many achievements achieved by the West Java provincial government.

    "Certainly during the course of 10 years we interact as human beings do not escape the mistakes. Both the Governor himself on our echelon I and II we also to the Governor, in this fasting month we forgive each other, "said Secretary.

    On the occasion Aher also make as a joint evaluation of what has been done, not done and what should be improved. "For 4 hours enough space for us to talk," he concluded.

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