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    Aher: West Java Homecoming Lane is Ready and Safe


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) believes that going home this year will more smoothly see the readiness of infrastructure, especially roads.

    Governor Aher assessed that in this year many alternative choices of time and route of the road. "Homecoming can now be more smoothly, because the homecoming can be earlier, so, could be early arriving hometown and also more comfortable," he said in Bandung, Friday (8/6/18).

    Especially now the Central Government made the decision to increase the number of days off or leave at the beginning and end of Idul Fitri, so the citizens will be smoothly in Homecoming.

    "There have been seven days for going home, I think it will be smooth, we welcome this kind of homecoming, because it is more possible to smooth and worship at the same time," said Aher.

    It has also received reports from West Java Police Chief, Head of Department of Transportation, and Head of Department of Highways which stated that West Java is in a position ready to serve Homecoming 2018.

    "The safe line, there is no problem is safe all of them .. Going home in a ready position, InshaAllah," he concluded.

    Enjoy the smoothness of South West Java!

    Aher also invites the travelers can use the South West Java route to Homecoming. Aher said that South West Java has exotic natural beauty along the way, so travelers can while traveling. In addition, this path is also certainly not too crowded.

    "Now South West Java is comfortable to use Homecoming, if going home through South West Java as well as tourism, if there are people who will going home using South West Java route, the road is good, it is possible to be used even smoothly and even more beautiful," he said.

    Aher also said, in the last night of Ramadan is or commonly believed Muslims as the Night Lailatul Qadar, so that citizens of West Java to focus and continue to increase the activities of worship. In the last days of this Ramadan Allah SWT will further open his grace.

    "These last days, we urge the people to further increase the worship of Allah, because the more the end then God more open the door of grace, maghfirah wider than the previous days," he said.

    Aher invites people to focus on worship in the last days of Ramadan, although on the way back and forth. "If homecoming can be combined with worship, or going home does not interfere with the process of worship, mudik and worship can be done," he concluded.

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