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    Asian Games Infrastructure Works is on the Plan


    BANDUNG-The work of the whole arena 2018 Asian Games in West Java is confirmed as planned. Physical improvements and other supporting facilities work well and show significant progress.

    Local committee of Asian Games 2018 which is also West Java Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa said it had monitored all arena match on Wednesday, June 6 yesterday. As a result, all renovations are almost complete and leave little work.

    "Alhamdulillah I have reviewed physically in the field, and its development is very significant," said Iwa in Bandung, Friday (8/6). For example, improvements in Bendung Range in Majalengka Regency has reached 96%.

    According to him, work on the game sports canoe can stay beautify the surrounding areas such as parking preparation. Lack of match facilities such as waves makers have been met so just waiting for the time to use.

    "So stay maintenance," he said. In addition, for bike games in Subang District, arena work and access is complete.

    Budget to improve the road to the venue has been prepared from CSR funds Bank BJB. "Now it is in the administrative process, I have checked to the Subang Regency Public Works Office, they are completing the requirements requested by BJB," he said.

    That way, he said the construction of the road to the bike match arena will soon be built. "So it will not be long, at least 2 to 3 weeks is over," he said.

    Exciting conditions were seen at the Jalak Harupat Stadium who will be used for football matches. According to Iwa, field grass has shown a good development so that in accordance with international standards.

    "The grass has been checked by the experts, and Alhamdulillah the condition is getting better, just one more stage," he said. As for other physical improvements at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, according to him stay the final stage just like maintenance for cleanliness and beauty only.

    "Insha Allah after Idul Fitri we will continue to monitor and now the work until the 10th is still done physically, the 13th live the painting," he said (Pun)

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