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    Investment, Permit Process 3 Hours Jump Build


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserted the permit investment in Bandung today has applied license investment processing within 3 hours, then the investor could direct construct.

    According to Aher, the legal umbrella of the licensing process become faster in the investment included in the MoU between the Provincial Government and several parties including the Police, Prosecutor's Office and Minister of Home Affairs in Jakarta.

    "We have signed the MoU, so now the investor who takes care of investment permit would takes 3 hours only," said Aher.

    This was conducted to accelerate investment in Indonesia, with the ease of permits. When asked whether the rapid permit was not violating the rules, Aher insisted it’s not against the rule.

    “It's not violate any rules, because the process is mandated by the central government. As if there is a problem latter, it could be resolved in parallel,” he explained.

    According to Aher, a new rule was met positively by the business world, because the previous monthly permission can be completed within hours.



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