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    PPATK Monitor Donation Fund of West Java Campaign


    BANDUNG - Related to the circulation of currency, currently Indonesia faces big democracy namely the elections 2018 and 2019. It is common knowledge that elections are often infiltrated by money politics.

    "Therefore, we expect media assistance to convey to the public the dangers of money politics, especially on the election day. This is in line with the role of the media in accordance with the Press Law that upholds the basic values of democracy, "explained Head of Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (PPATK) Dian Ediana Rae, in Bandung, Thursday (7/6).

    According to one of the values of democracy is the realization of social justice. Of course social justice can not be achieved if elected leaders cheat from the election process.

    Based on the PPATK data, from the period of 2017 to the 1st quarter of 2018, there are 52 reports of suspicious transactions with a value of about Rp 41 billion, dominated by the vessels. In addition, there were 1,006 reports of suspicious cash transactions with a value of Rp1, 3 trillion rupiah associated with election campaign funds.

    "This is certainly need to watch out for us together, both PPATK, rapporteurs, media and society," he said.

    Currently, according to him, for the West Java region recorded there are suspicious transactions related to elections but still continue to be analyzed, whether the transaction is legal according to the provisions of the Election Law or illegal.

    In addition to the role of PPATK overseeing the election process of Regional Head, PPATK also plays a role in the selection process of strategic officials in the Ministry / Agency through the delivery of the track record of the candidate's strategic financial transactions to the selection committee.

    In addition, PPATK is currently building a database containing all profiles of state administrators. This database was built with the aim to eradicate corruption by monitoring the financial transactions of the officials.

    Currently the initial data has amounted to 1,093,000 names. Especially for West Java, the data amounted to 77,381 names and for Tasikmalaya amounted to 428 names. This illustrates the strategic role of PPATK in guarding a clean government, starting from the election process, until the term of office of the official ends. jo

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