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    BJB Revert KCR Revolving Fund


    BANDUNG-Small and Medium Micro Enterprises or MSMEs is a productive business sector that currently remains a buffer of Indonesia's economic stability. From year to year the number continues to increase which is a proof that this type of business is still a prima donna for the people to earn income, on the other great challenges continue to face the perpetrators of SMEs, not only related to capital but also a challenge in terms of managing their business.

    Government policy in terms of providing services to MSMEs is one of them is to require every bank disbursed MSMEs financing. In line with this, BJB bank made it happen by presenting various products of varied MSMEs financing services and competitive interest rates. As of March 2018 the loans disbursed by BJB banks grew by 26% YoY or equivalent to Rp 364 Billion of the total financing performed by BJB banks.

    Commercial Director of MSMEs Agus Gunawan said that the potential of SMEs in West Java is very high, especially with the launching of the program of creating 100,000 new entrepreneurs by West Java Provincial Government inline with BJB bank program, which since 2011 BJB Bank has cooperated with Provincial Government West Java by disbursing a financing program under the name of Kredit Cinta Rakyat or KCR of West Java.

    KCR distribution is conducted through 5 stages with total of 385 Billion Rupiah, where stage I amounting to 165 Billion Rupiah has been done by BJB bank back to West Java Provincial Government in December 2016. Phase II of 50 Billion Rupiah which return to be held today. Phase III will end in December 2018 amounting to 20 billion Rupiah, phase IV will end in September 2019, and stage V will end in November 2020 amounted to 50 Billion Rupiah.

    Referring to the cooperation of the placement of revolving fund by the government of West Java Province in BJB bank, where for the second phase has ended, then the fund system has been credited to the cash account of West Java Province on April 11, 2018 and then with a total value of 50 billion Rupiah.

    The success of this program can not be separated from the excellent cooperation between West Java Provincial Government, Legislative Council and BJB Bank which have jointly conducted monitoring and evaluation related to program implementation. Referring to the amount of benefits of this program to MSMEs in West Java is expected to continue this program can run.

    KCR financing program received a very good response from the perpetrators of SMEs West Java. It is marked up to the end of March 2018, KCR funds have been channeled by Rp 556,945,450,000 (Five hundred fifty six billion nine hundred forty five million four hundred fifty thousand rupiah). This fund is well utilized by 16,403 perpetrators of SMEs in West Java with the absorption of labor reached 37,832 people.

    In the process of socialization related to KCR products, BJB Bank cooperates with the Regional Device Organization (OPD) in the ranks of Provincial Government as well as District City as West Java, especially Organization Device which is the organizer of new entrepreneurial program. In addition BJB bank also cooperate with various organizations based on MSMEs in West Java Province, so the bank BJB optimistic that this program is known and understood by the perpetrators of SMEs West Java.

    Another strategic step is done by BJB Bank, one of them by conducting continuous training and facilitation process through Integrated Community Economic Empowerment Program or PESAT. So that the accepted capital, become effective and lead to the prosperity of SMEs. Jo

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