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    One thousand of TNI - Police Personnel Ready to Secure Flow of Lebaran Homecoming


    BANDUNG-TNI - Police held Combined Operation Ceremony of Ketupat Lodaya 2018 to secure the Lebaran homecoming that was held in front of Gedung Sate Diponegoro Street Bandung.

    Chief of Police in his speech read by West Java Deputy Police Chief Brigadier General Suresh said Operation Ketupat Lodaya Eid this year held for 18 days from 7 to June 24, 2018.

    Whereas in the implementation of increased vigilance that must be considered include the stability of prices of basic necessities, smooth flow and backflow Lebaran homecoming, securing a place of worship, and securing the vital object.

    "This operation is focused on the stability of prices of basic necessities, smooth flow and backflow Lebaran homecoming, securing a place of worship and securing vital object," he said at Diponegoro street in Bandung, Wednesday (06/07/2018).

    In the implementation of the joint forces will involve 1,000 personnel TNI-Polri consisting of Kodim 0618 / BS 1 SSK, 1 Platoon Pomdam III / SLW, one platoon of Gartap II Bandung, one platoon of airfield Husein Sastranegara, 1 Team of the Corps Paskhas Air Force, 1 Team of Lanal Bandung, 1 SSK from DIT Sabhara West Java Police, 1 SSK of the Police Mobile Brigade, 1 SSK from DIT Sabhara Polrestabes Bandung, 1 Platoon of the Directorate of Criminal common / Sus Polda Jabar, one platoon of Intelkam Polda Jabar, one platoon of the DIT Then Polda Jabar, 1 platoon from Dit then Polrestabes Bandung, 1 team from Satpol PP Prop. Jabar, 1 Team from Dishub Prop Jabar, 1 Team from Senkom Jabar, 1 Platoon from Basarnas Jabar and 1 Platoon from Dit Pol Air.

    "The purpose of this Ops Lodaya Forces 2018 Ceremony is to provide protection and comfort, especially for the smooth flow of back and forth," he said.

    In addition to keep increasing the synergicity of TNI-Polri and related institutions to jointly maintain the condition of Bandung to remain conducive.

    Present at the combined forces ceremony in 2018 Lodaya operations Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General Nurcahyanto, M.Sc, Kasgartap II / Bandung Marsma TNI Taspin Hasan, Cabinda Jabar represented by Colonel Silaban, Danlanud Husein Sastranegara Colonel Pilot Bayu Hendra Permana, Kadishub Prov. Jabar Andre, Danlanal Bandung Colonel Laut Sunar, Kasdim 0618 / BS Lt. Col. Inf Momon, Chairman of Commission I of DPRD Abar Syahrir representing the chairman of DPRD Prop. Jabar and Kapolrestabes Bandung Kombes Pol Hendro Pandowo (Pun)

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