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    Netty Inaugurates the Chairman of TP PKK And Dekranasda Indramayu District


    INDRAMAYU-The Chairman of TP PKK and National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java Province Netty Heryawan inaugurated Nani Indriyani Supendi as Chairman of the PKK and Dekranasda Indramayu district period 2016-2021 at Indramayu Regent Hall, Wednesday (02/24/16).

    In her speech, Netty said the challenge for the PKK cadres in the technological advances for families and community should be wary. Through mobile phones and computers, a variety of information can be accessed then should be an assistance while they are using it.

    "In addition to pornography, there are three major enemies in the family among others, Human Trafficking as a modern slavery and international crime, drugs and HIV/Aids," she said.

    She continued that the existence of PKK and Dharma Wanita should perform their role and tasks in the process of improvement so that the people's welfare can be realised.

    Embedding elements of art and culture, then we shouldn't be tired to look for the potential existed in Indramayu. "So it can decrease the number of migrant workers and improve the welfare of women's empowerment," she hoped.

    Indramayu Regent, Anna Sophanah said that PKK as an empowering role of family in society in maximising the family function as a national pillar in forming the intelligent character. PKK as a partner of the government must be able to establish cooperation and synergy with the relevant authorities in the construction of Indramayu District in particular.

    "I told to the Dekranasda Indramayu regency in order to enhance the role and functions of the craft products and also being able to market it to improve the community welfare, thereby reducing unemployment in Indramayu," she continued.

    Nani Indriyani Supendi is the wife of Vice Regent Indramayu Supendi who has just inaugurated by the Governor of West Java on February 17, 2016 with Anna Sophanah as Indramayu Regent in period 2016-2021.

    It was attended by Anna Sophanah Indramayu Regent, Vice Regent Indramayu Supendi, Head of the Human Resources Agency Region III Toto Mohamad Toha, the Chairman of TP PKK and Dekranasda Region III as well as women's organisations in Indramayu. In addition to the inauguration, it was also held regular meetings with the Dharma Wanita Region III West Java.



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