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    Construction of Rain Double Track Must be very Careful


    BANDUNG-West Java Regional Secretary Iwa Karniwa again leads an integrated meeting on social impact management of train double track development of Bogor-Sukabumi.

    The meeting was held in Papandayan Room, Gedung Sate, Bandung, Wednesday (6/6/2018) was attended by various elements of the provincial government to the area of Bogor and Sukabumi. Also present were the ranks of Railway Engineering Development Center of the Ministry of Transportation and PT KAI.

    Iwa said this meeting is a continuation of the formation of an integrated team that is divided into two task forces. The first team is specialized in field of verification and validation of PT KAI lands owned by residents and PT KAI's assets. "The second team is related to security and law enforcement," he said after the meeting.

    This time the meeting decided that the first field to immediately conduct data collection and verification and also validation of KAI land that is currently controlled by the community. This field is also ordered to record the community and validate it, especially those who control the land. "The documents are prepared by PT KAI," he said.

    From the results of this work, then there will be an assessment team that determines how much money or merit worthy given to the people who currently occupy the lands owned by PT KAI. According to him, this process is important because the Bogor-Sukabumi double track project is included in the Central Government's priority project.

    "I ask the colleagues as well as the community related to this project. Do not have speculators, there should be no provocateurs who incite people about this, "he said (Pun)

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