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    Damri, First Mode of Transportation Integrated with Kertajati Airport


    MAJALENGKA - Perum Damri engaged in the field of land transport services became the first mode directly integrated with West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka Regency. This red plate company at the beginning of the operation to serve passengers from Bandung, Cirebon, Kuningan, and Cikarang are directly connected to Kertajati and vice versa.

    The opening of land-based transportation services, marked by the inauguration is done in the area of Kertajati Airport Terminal, Tuesday, June 5, 2018. The opening ceremony was opened with a ribbon scissor procession and bus release that went to the four destinations. Present at the inauguration of Head of West Java Transportation Department Dedi Taufik, President Director of Perum Damri Setia N Milatia Moemin, and President Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra.

    "We are here to come here to support Kertajati Airport because we know that the airport is not supposed to be the point of congestion but the congestion solution in order to reduce personal usage that is already too high," Setia said in his speech.

    He said that Kertajati Airport with international standard should be supported by various other modes of transportation to support its accessibility. Prior to the presence of trains, both conventional and fast train already included in the government plan, Damri took the initiative to perform services to the community.

    "We are now fixing the level of off-service that once owned better now, so we thank you, thank you for supporting us so we can be here," he said.

    Bandung and Cirebon as a large enough market share become air transport users began to be served at the beginning of a commercial flight made on Friday 8 June. For Bandung departure point begins at Kebon Kawung via Toll Cipali which direct direct to Kertajati. While Cirebon, Damri will start from Terminal Harjamukti.

    "The current departure time will adjust to the flight schedule," he added.

    Virda Dimas Ekaputra adds the presence of Damri into an integrated solution of Kertajati Airport with people in various regions of West Java who want to use air transportation. With the service of course this will facilitate the community.

    "I used to like to know how to access it here, but I can not answer now that I can answer because Damri operates here, if we are very grateful, it means Damri will be able to ease here and get out after the flight," he explained. .

    According to him, to go to Kertajati Cipali Toll is still a mainstay of society. The longest toll in Indonesia currently accommodates the people of Bandung Raya, Purwakarta, Subang to and Bogor and surrounding areas. The presence of Cisumdawu Toll in 2020 will certainly make it easier for people in the south of West Java to Kertajati.

    "Next Cisumdawu 2020 can be connected here.Cipali Toll has also been connected to Brebes, so catch passengers from Central Java can also come here," he added.

    Meanwhile Dedi Taufik added that the presence of Damri from and to Kertajati is supposed to facilitate connectivity. Because he said, it would be in vain if Kertajati airport that has been built as grand as possible not synergize with other supporters.

    "The airport if there is no free connection, this glorious terminal must be synergized, Damri is a form of collaboration, we as regulator will simplify everything, where do we go because the connection must be clear," he said.

    He hopes, the opening of Kertajati route to various regions can be a triger for other bus entrepreneurs. Because Kertajati Airport that will serve about 5.6 million passengers per year will continue to grow to support the needs of connectivity.

    "Moreover, the statment of the President (Jokowi) fly Hajj from here means that more and more need of land transportation services to get here," he said.

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