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    Former PANRB Minister Support the World Class Bureaucracy


    BANDUNG-In a release received jabarprov.go.id, Public Relation of PANRB minister explained that eight predecessor of Minister for Administrative Reform (PANRB) Yuddy Chrisnandi supported the acceleration of bureaucratic reform in order to create a world-class government bureaucracy. Two agendas spotlighted of the former Minister, among others downsizing the bureaucracy, as well as arranging the human resource.

    It was revealed in the silahturahmi event among PANRB minister in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/02). Former PANRB minister who attending this meeting were JB Sumarlin, Minister PAN period 1973 - 1983, Sarwono Kusumaatmadja (1988 - 1993), Hartanto Sastrosunarto (1998 - 1999), Freddy Numberi (1999 - 2000), Anwar Suprijadi (2001), Taufiq Effendi (2004-2009 ), and Azwar Abubakar (2011-2014), Emil Salim (1971 - 1973).

    Yuddy said that the reform of the bureaucracy was one of the priorities of the Working Cabinet under President Jokowi's leadership and also Vice President Jusuf Kalla. It was clearly stated in 9 priority agenda known as Nawacita, and has been further elaborated in the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) Year 2015-2019.

    In the RPJMN explained that the improvement of governance and bureaucracy reform is one of the required condition for the achievement national development strategy in 2015-2019. Yuddy added that the Ministry has set three targets of PANRB national development in the state apparatus: (1) Clean and accountable bureaucracy, (2) Effective and efficient bureaucracy; and (3) Bureaucracy has quality in public services.

    This was done in an attempt to achieve the World Class Government in 2025 as stipulated in the Grand Design Reforms 2010-2015. Moreover, there's a fact that competition is more opened among countries, and reminds that this year has entered the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

    However Yuddy admitted his concern that this good plan was followed with issues of appointment of honorary category 2. On the one hand, there was a desire to resolve the problem, but on the other hand it's not allowed by the provisions of Law No. 5/2014 on State Civil Apparatus (ASN). In addition, the personnel costs was very large now, so that it's difficult for the state to allocate funds for the appointment of K2 temporary employees.

    Inevitably, the issue of the appointment of K2 honorary was finally dominate these conversation meeting. The seniors was generally support the policy by Minister Yuddy in accelerating reform of the bureaucracy, as well as in handling of temporary employees.

    The former minister saw these issue more clearly. They understand the state bureaucracy and the impact of appointing the temporary employee without selection.

    Former Minister Freddy Numberi said that the policy made by Minister Yuddy to resolve the issue was right. Moreover, he saw during this time, the tendency of honorary appointment made by local governments. "But then problems honorarium charged to the central government," he said.

    Based on his observations, many regional heads promoted temporary employees who are relatives or a member of his campaign team during the election campaign. "It should also be opened to the Parliament, so that members of Parliament notice if the recruitment by local governments will make problems for the central government," he said.

    It can have a negative impact on the government. Public demands for having qualify government was limited dreams merely. "Parliament does not need to be followed, especially if their insistence against the rules. Just assure the Parliament on the analysis and the risks have been made by Kemenpan about the selection process of honorary employee," said Freddy.

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