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    High School/ Vocational School Prohibited Selling Uniforms and Books


    BANDUNG - Since the management of High School and Vocational School in West Java was taken over by the West Java Provincial Government, the procurement of student uniforms and books is no longer done by the school so that it eliminates the bad prejudices about the business conducted by the school.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said, when the procurement of uniforms done by schools, many problems appear. Starting from the uniform that takes up to two months, until uniform conditions that do not fit the body size of each student.

    "It used to be a school uniform, it was only two months later, it was only a couple of months later, it was used, there was a small thing and there was a greatness, it was not fit, now it was abandoned, let the students buy it themselves, if there is no help, joint assistance, uniform problem, the governor who is familiarly called Aher, Monday (4/6)

    During this time, he said, many people thought the procurement of uniforms and books by schools is a small business that done by school. With the elimination of these things, teachers can focus more on improving the quality of education in school without thinking about business.

    Aher said with the transfer of high school and vocational high school, civil servants in West Java province which initially amounted to 13 thousand people, to 42 thousand people. Honorary laborers are increasing and it seeks prosperity honorer.

    "It used to be Rp 400 thousand to Rp 750 thousand a month because we were paid Rp 10 thousand to Rp 35 thousand an hour, then we now pay Rp 85 thousand per hour, hopefully next year Rp 100, in order to exceed UMK, "he said.

    West Java Provincial Government, he said, should pay attention to honorary because of its existence in every institution. SMA 3 Bandung which is a popular school too, he said, has a lot of honorary staff. (Even)

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