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    Aher Encourages the Development of Hajj Hostel Supporting BIJB


    INDRAMAYU-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) encourages the construction of a provincial haj boarding house to support the Kertajati BIJB airport in the north of West Java. This is in line with the making of the airport Kertajati BIJB as embarkation pilgrims

    "The plan this year BIJB airport will be the embarkation of pilgrims, hence the need for haj boarding house at the provincial level," said Aher told reporters on the sidelines of the first stone laying of the construction of hamlet dormitory Indramayu District, Friday (1/6/2018). Attending the event was the Regent of Indramayu Ana Sophanah and other regional leaders.

    He said the Central Government, in this case the Ministry of Religious Affairs, is planning to build a provincial haj pilgrims to support the airport BIJB. However, for the construction of the haj boarding house is still not determined.

    "There are some potential locations, it could be in Majalengka, Indramayu or other, but that is the authority of the central government," he said.

    However, Aher continued, there are several local governments who have declared their readiness to assist the construction of the provincial haj boarding house. Like the government of Indramayu District.

    "The regent of Indramayu has stated its readiness to help the provision of land for the construction of haj pilgrimage, but for the location it has not been determined and the authority of the central government," he said.

    However, continued Aher, currently Indramayu district government will build a hajj dormitory level area that will be completed in the near future. According to him for a while this could be, hajj dormitory Indramayu District is used to accommodate the pilgrims who depart from BIJB.

    "The Indramayu haj pilgrimage seems to be the grandest haj dormitory among other districts, the number of rooms is very large and the building is terraced, so it can accommodate most of the pilgrims," ??he said.

    In addition, he continued, the location of hamlet dormitory Indramayu District was quite close to the airport BIJB. So it is quite possible for temporary shelters of pilgrims.

    "The location of the Indramayu Haj pilgrims is not far from the BIJB airport, only about half an hour, it is quite close," he said.

    However, he added, it all depends on the central government policy. In this case the provincial government of West Java only encourage and support the policy.

    "That's central authority, we just push it," he said. (Even)

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