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    Towarding Lebaran, Indonesian Army Held Cheap Market


    BANDUNG - Army Chief of Staff (Kasad) General Mulyono opens cheap market at Army Headquarters (Mabesad) for members of TNI and civil servants of Garrisun Jakarta and his family in order to face Eid Al Fitr 1439 H.

    This low-cost market is a commitment of the Army leadership to help and alleviate its members in meeting basic needs during the holy month of Ramadan and before Eid Al Fitr.

    TNI Chief of Staff Mulyono said this activity is a routine agenda every year before Eid Al Fitr. In this low-cost market the Army took several private institutions, even people around Jakarta, Bogor and Tangerang participated to provide household needs at low prices.

    "The total of 96 cheap market booths opened at around 08:00 pm," said Mulyono in his official statement in Bandung, Tuesday (5/6/2018).

    This number increased from the previous year. It also shows that the public interest follows the cheap market solely because of the economic count, but more than that, the sense of a fate of sincerity, concern and love for the TNI.

    The booths include providing / selling basic materials, clothing, dry food typical Lebaran, household appliances, medical equipment, sports equipment, and other purposes.

    "Hopefully with this cheap market can help my soldiers in fulfilling their needs in the face of Eid Al Fitr," said Army Chief of Staff.

    Expressed by Army Chief of Staff, in addition to these low-cost markets, Mabesad will also conduct a homecoming trip for TNI soldiers and civil servants Mabesad and his family.

    "The plan will be released on the 8th and prepared about 53 bus majors to Java to Surabaya. We register, please free, the important register first, how big the number, yesterday's new 53 buses, if there is an addition of my soldier and his family who will follow we prepare again, "he concluded. (jo)

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