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    Public Management Now, Aher: Treat the Community as a Customer!


    BANDUNG-Public management of today or new management public demand public service done quickly and equally. These egalitarian attitudes are the demands of the times.
    The age of globalization and the rapid change of the times, demands that bureaucrats adjust their bureaucratic currents. Where people want to be served quickly and equally. Because the new management public view the public is the customer. Meanwhile, the customer is king. While the "king" must be treated or served well.
    "I told the structural and functional officials that now the atmosphere has changed, the demands have changed greatly, the era of wanting togetherness to face equality," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) when met after inaugurating structural and functional officials in the West Java provincial government in West Hall Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Monday morning (4/6/18).
    According to Aher, currently someone who occupies a position is no longer viewed as a person who has a higher position. Officials are currently charged more for performance accountability. New management public sees superiors and subordinates no longer noticeable.
    "Therefore, friends from the province (West Java Provincial Government) no longer serve the community as a society or subordinates, but serve the community as a customer. That is the new public management developed at this time, "he said.
    Through this kind of public service, Aher believes people will be well served. That way there is satisfaction from the community. However, when service is not satisfactory there will be a bad criticism or stamp of society for the government as an unfriendly service.
    "Therefore, if in the company or business world there is good corporate governance, which views the market as a customer. So in the government should also look at the community as a customer. So, in government there is also good government governance, clear government, close to the community, "said Aher.

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