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    Pressing Inflation, West Java Inflation Control Team Involves Scholars


    BANDUNG - Efforts continue to be made by the Regional Inflation Control Team (TPID) of West Java Province to maintain the stability of the price of basic needs of society and keep the regional inflation.

    TPID Daily Chief of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa said it has involved scholars to support efforts to keep regional inflation steady while maintaining the supply of food commodities.

    "We cooperate with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), this is for the Kiai to get the pilgrims to taste enough," Iwa said, to www.Jabarprov.go.id, Monday (04/06).

    According to Iwa, the effort is very important to the public because one of the causes of high inflation due to consumer demand for a product or food commodity.

    "This way we are doing to control the demand, I also talked about inflation when I was with the congregation of mosques," he said.

    Iwa added, in addition to controlling prices through informal media, to keep inflation well maintained it also controls the supply of basic needs of society so that all can be met.

    "To maintain the supply, Alhamdulillah there is Bulog so if the price starts to jump so Bulog enters, including us as well West Java Provincial Government Operations Market places that are perceived to suppress market prices," he said. (Parno)

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