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    Inflatable Control Market is Held


    BANDUNG - West Java Inflated Control Market 1439 H which was held in Kiaracondong Station parking, Monday (4/6/2018), is one of the program of inflation control in the region. This activity was initiated by the Bank Indonesia Representative Office of West Java Province in synergy with the Regional Banking Consultative Board (BMPD) of West Java and supported by the Government of West Java Province.

    Present to open the event West Java Secretary Iwa Karniwa, Acting of Bandung Mayor M Solihin, Head of West Java BI Payment System Group Sukarelawati Permana and a number of other regional officials.

    In her speech, Sukarelawati said low and stable inflation is one of the prerequisites for realizing the welfare of society. Meanwhile, Indonesia's source of inflationary pressure is not only from demand side that can be managed by Bank Indonesia.

    From the research result, inflation characteristic in Indonesia still tend to fluctuate which mainly influenced by the supply side (supply side) with regard to production disturbance, distribution and government policy. In addition, shocks to inflation can also come from certain moments that have become an annual phenomenon such as Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

    Supposedly, Ramadan is the month of self-control. Of course it includes consumption control. However, the facts show the opposite condition. Religious momentum meeting with cultural tradition makes Ramadan as a moment of national celebration. Passion "celebration" fosters market potential as demand for goods and services increases. Money circulation is fast. Consequently, the majority price of goods and services soared due to high demand so that inflation was inevitable.

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