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    Batik Enthusiasts Not Subside


    BANDUNG-Batik enthusiasts until this time did not subside, because batik products has been growing for decades, especially Cirebon Batik. It thus revealed by one of the owners Cirebon Batik, named Maman.

    The existence of Batik still enthused consumer due to it continued produces variance pattern of batik. The manufacture of a new pattern was made once a month. The type of batik made includes stamp type and write type. The price of batik which latest trend has been no increased where the raw material prices still stable.

    Promotion of the exhibition was very helpful. Although many visitors have come to the Batik Trusmi Centre located in Cirebon District. The exhibition considered can open new consumers, especially for those who have not been to Trusmi Batik Centre, Cirebon.

    Maman said through this exhibition can open cooperation with businesses who engaged in the manufacture of clothing for batik products in the form of fabric.


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