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    Building Local Wisdom Of Citarum River Through Fishing Mania


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Citarum River, which is the longest river in West Java with a length of approximately 350 km, has great potential for the survival of millions of people. This river spring comes from Mount Wayang located in the south of Bandung.

    Along with the social and economic growth, the springs have a crisis and even the Citarum river is the dirtiest river in the world.

    Through Citarum Harum program and it is deployed thousands of Maung Siliwangi Soldier, now Citarum River began to smile and has revealed the original form as a living river.

    Various ways are done to make clean and beautiful Citarum river, one of which is done by Maung Siliwangi soldier. They try to build the local wisdom of the Citarum River by holding fishing mania event on the Anniversary of Kodam III / Siliwangi Day 72 in 2018.

    Through activities that can be followed for free by all circles, it is hoped the community can continue to know that the Citarum River has become a clean river and can be used for fishing activities. Communities are also invited to continue to maintain the sustainability and cleanliness of the Citarum River.

    Fishing mania in order to enliven the 72nd Kodam / Siliwangi Anniversary was opened by Commander III / Siliwangi TNI Major General Harto Employee, SH, M.Tr (Han) whose implementation started at 10.00 to 16.00 along the Cilampeni Margahayu River Bandung , Sunday (3/6/2018).

    The number of participants who participated Ngabuburit Fishing Mania Citarum Harum 72,500 participants with long fishing rod 7 KM and fish sown 20 tons, consisting of carp and tilapia.

    This event was rewarded with awards from Record MURI as fishing activities with the largest number of anglers simultaneously. Jo

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