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    West Java Provincial Government Prepares Holiday Allowance for State Civil Apparatus


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) revealed West Java Provincial Government is ready to disburse Holiday allowance (THR) and 13th salary for State Civil Apparatus (ASN). In accordance with the circular letter of the Ministry of Home Affairs No. 903/3386 / SJ, THR for regional heads, leaders and members of the Regional Parliament, and ASN to be allocated from Budget Expenditure and to be paid in the first week of June 2018 of earnings in May 2018. And for 13th salary attempted to be paid in the first week of July 2018 for June 2018 earnings.

    "We are committed to the welfare of the State Civil Apparatus. West Java provincial government will soon pay THR and 13th salary for ASN, "said Aher in Bandung, Sunday (3/6/2018).
    In the circular of the Minister of Home Affairs is regulated the amount of THR and its components. The THR component and the 13th salary for the Governor, Vice Governor, Regent, Vice Regent, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, head and member of Regional Parliament consists of basic salary / representation money, family allowance, and job allowance.
    While the THR component and the 13th salary for the Regional ASN consists of basic salary, family allowance, job allowance or general allowances, and additional income or performance allowances or other designations.
    According to Aher, since the payment of THR and the 13th salary of ASN is the responsibility of the region, if the region has not budgeted or insufficient budget available for THR and the 13th salary, it should immediately provide it by way of budget shift.
    "So it is THR and the 13th salary is funded from APBD. If in the APBD has not been listed or the funds are not enough, then the funds are taken by doing a budget shift. The funds are taken from unexpected shopping, rescheduling activities, or using available cash, "says Aher.
    According to him, if the APBD uses the nomenclature of the thirteenth salary budget and the fourteenth salary, then it should be immediately adjusted nomenclature. This shift does not need to wait for the Revised Budgetary Amendment of Fiscal Year 2018. The mechanism is sufficient to notify the head of the DPRD one month after the changes are made.
    As reported, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has signed a Government Regulation (PP) on disbursement of holiday allowance (THR) and 13th salary for ASN and pensioners. Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati said that in 2018 all state servants earn THR for one full salary or take home pay.

    The policy is contained in Government Regulation No. 20 of 2018 on THR in Fiscal Year 2018 to the Leaders and Non-Civil Servants at the  Institute of Non-structural Institutions on May 23, 2018 signed by President Jokowi. The PP regulates the amount of THR for non-structural institutional managers (LNS) and non-civil servants in the LNS.

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