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    Aher Received UGG Ciletuh Certificate


    BANDUNG-Located in the eastern hall of Gedung Sate, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) officially received the certificate of Geopark Ciletuh as Unesco Global Geopark, Sunday afternoon (3/6/2018). The submission of certificate was done by Arif Rahman as the Chairman of Daily of Unesco National Committee for Indonesia.

    "Should be grateful for God's favors," said Arif in his speech.

    Meanwhile Aher invites all parties to maintain the continuity of this Ciletuh.

    "It is not easy to achieve this, although the time is short enough, only about 3 years since it was proposed, but it is more difficult to take care of and keep it ongoing and able to prosper the community, such as the motto of geopark that is to glorify the earth prosperous society, he said.

    In the thanksgiving ceremony, in front of the audience including the Regent of Sukabumi, Unpad Rector and other figures, Aher briefly told about the beginning of Geopark Ciletuh's determination.

    "Started from PT Biofarma, which is doing its CSR there for the development of tourism society, then there is further research from Unpad and ITB so the Provincial Government is involved, we propose to become national geopark in 2016, and Alhmdulillah in April 2018 is recognized as UGG , "he explained.

    In the certificate is also written the validity period of the certificate is 2018-2022. According to Arif Rahman, it means if not treated and developed, then the certificate of recognition that at any time can be revoked. (Even)

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