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    Secure West Java Regional Head and President Election Holds Three Pillar Ceremony


    BANDUNG-In order to secure regional head election 2018 and presidential elections 2019, the Provincial Government of West Java held three-pillar ceremony which was followed by Babinsa, Bhabinkamtibmas, and Urban Village Head / Village in Gasibu Field, Diponegoro Street Bandung, Saturday (2/6/2018) .

    These Three Pillars ceremony is a form of statement and pledge of the same movement to consistently create security and comfort for the public ahead of elections 2018 and 2019 election.

    On this occasion, Governor H. Ahmad Heryawan, Commander III / Siliwangi Maj. Gen. Harto Employee, S.H, M.Tr (Han), West Java Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto gave awards to Babinsa, Bhabinkamtibmas and urban Village/ Village Head.

    Ceremony with three Pillars also declared a three-pillar pledge to succeed the 2018 election and the 2019 presidential election, play an active role in rejecting radicalism and terrorism, and playing an active role in starting the Hoax news.

    On the occasion of this ceremony all participants of the three pillars listen to directions from the Governor of West Java, Commander III / Siliwangi and West Java Police Chief.

    Commander III / Siliwangi conveyed that the Three Pillar ceremony is an important and strategic agenda in the effort to optimize the role of Indonesia Army and Police as well as elements of Local Government which are realized through three pillars namely Babinsa, Babinkamtibmas and Urban Village/ Village Head.

    "The ceremony of these three pillars are expected to always synergize, especially in carrying out early detection of all forms of threats and disorders Kamtibmas that occurred in their respective regions," he said.

    In addition, the Three Pillars Ceremony is a means for solid bonding and spirit of hospitality, harmonization, togetherness and solidity.

    "The hope of Three Pillar Ceremony moment is the strengthening of bonds and spirit of hospitality, harmony, togetherness and solidity between Indonesia Army and Police and other related elements," he concluded. (Even)

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