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    July - August, West Java Free Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee and Motor Vehicle Tax Penalties


    BANDUNG - Starting from 1 July to 31 August 2018, all owners of motor vehicles in West Java can enjoy Second Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee Program and Motor Vehicle Tax Sanction Free.

    The program was launched based on the decision of West Java Governor Number 973/147-Bapenda on the granting of Principal Exemption and Administrative Sanction in the form of Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee (BBNKB) over Second and Subsequent Submissions, and the Exemption of Administrative Sanction in the form of Motor Vehicle Tax Fee (PKB).

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the program was launched to see many parties who do the buying and selling of vehicles, but many also have not reversed the name of ownership.

    "There are many people who buy and sell vehicles and may not be behind their names, because when they are behind the name, they have to use taxes to allow them to identify which vehicles are difficult, so we are free to pay the" said Governor Aher at the launching event of 2nd Transfer of Motor Vehicle Title Fee Liberation and Motor Vehicle Tax Fee, at Samsat Office West Java Soekarno Hatta Street No.528 Bandung, Thursday (31/05/2018).

    The second BBNKB exemption and the PKB fine are also aimed at increasing the local revenue (PAD). Because as it is known, that the vehicle tax sector became the largest contributor of PAD in West Java Province. For this year, Aher targets Rp. 750 billion.

    The program applies to owners of two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels in the entire province of West Java.

    "We have experience in 2016, organizing a similar program for three months and the revenue reaches Rp 900 billion, so we open this second period," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Provincial Revenue Agency Dadang Suharto explain the liberation of BBNKB can be utilized by people who do the process behind the motor vehicle submission second and so on in the region of West Java.

    For the exemption of the PKB penalty, it is granted to all communities who make the annual tax payment process except for new motor vehicles.
    "It was released exclusively for the second vehicle, but for PKB, the fine is only paid to pay the principal," he said.

    Terms and Procedures

    The terms and ordinances as follows:

    1. BPKB (original and photocopy)
    2. STNK (original and photocopy)
    3. Check the physical vehicle (can be done physical checks help Samsat nearest office)
    4. Receipt of sale (seal 6000)
    5. ID card of the area owner to be addressed (original and photocopy)
    6. (For legal entity): Copy of certificate of incorporation + 1 copy of photocopy, domicile statement, power of attorney enough and signed by the leader and affixed with the seal of the legal entity concerned.

    For government agencies (including SOEs & ROEs ): letter of duty or power of attorney enough and signed by the leader and affixed with the relevant agency stamp.

    Procedures :
    1. Vehicle presented to Samsat where registered vehicle to perform physical check (friction + machine + frame number).
    2. Go to the archive store to retrieve the vehicle file.
    3. Go to the Mutation Counters (submit the BPKB + ID card of the destination and photocopy).
    4. Wait for the file to come out with a certain time (get a temporary mail letter).
    5. Go to Fiscal section to get the mutation file out.
    6. After the file is out, report to destination destination samsat (submit the received files to the mutation section).
    7. Vehicle is presented to Samsat Mother destination to perform physical check (friction + machine + frame number).
    8. Return to Destination Destination (submit the files and get a temporary road letter).
    9. Waiting for STNK + license plate.
    10. Return to the destination destination samsat to retrieve the new call + license plate.
    11. Waiting for updated BPKB with a certain time.
    12. Taking the updated BPKB.
    13. Done.

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