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    Anna Makes a Breakthrough to Build The Modern Fisherman Village


    INDRAMAYU-After returning accepted the position as the Regent of Indramayu, Hj. Anna Sophanah immediately made a breakthrough. Together with the Ministry of Maritime Coordinator and Resources of Indonesia, Indramayu Regent immediately realise the modern fishing area in Karangsaong and Pabean Udik village, District of Indramayu. 

    It certainty was revealed after the exposition of the various ministries in front of Indramayu Regent, on Tuesday (23/02/2016). Indramayu Regent Hj. Anna Sophanah explained Karangsong area will be revitalised soon in the various sectors. This policy is the synchronisation between local government and central government under the coordination of the Ministry of Maritime and Resources.

    "It's a sharing of task between local and central government, we currently drafting change of RT/RW and also arrange site plan for its development. With the development of modern fishing area, Karangsong is expected to become more orderly and environmentally friendly, and in the future will increase the welfare of fishermen, which have become our common hope,” said Anna.

    Anna went on the concept of the fishermen modern district by structuring the Prajagumiwang river start from Cimanuk up to the estuary Karang Song, making a docking pool, docking ships, fisherman shipyards, redeployment TPI, the development of mangrove center, the development of marine ecotourism, the village of fisherman.   

    While the Special Staff of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime and Resources, Safri Burhanuddin explained, Karangsong will become a model in north coast of Java as a modern fisherman area. Its construction will begin immediately this year, and about two years was expected to be completed by the budget absorption was approximately 150 to 200 billion sourced from the local budget, the national budget and CSR.

    After finished the exposure at the pavilion, then the group went straight to the field, including Bojongsari Reservoir, Balas Bangkir Bridge, and final look directly Prajagumiwang River in the village of Pabean Udik and Karang Song.

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