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    Bio Farma Helps Community of Special Limitations


    BANDUNG - Bio Farma provides environmental and social assistance for the welfare of the community. One of them is sewing training, equipment and capital for the community of special disabilities to improve the underprivileged economy, in line with the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises program that is to foster the economy of the pre-prosperous families especially in West java.

    Disril Revolin Putra, Director of Human Resources & General Bio Farma said, "Community-sponsored Partners of special limitations come from all Sukajadi sub-districts as many as 10 people and 5 people from pre-prosperous community as companion, the community will be equipped with 12x training for one month, in collaboration with educational institutions (LPK) that has been accredited, after the training program is completed the participants will be accredited by LPK level of West Java Province ".

    "If our guidance has been accredited, they can supply uniforms of work, laboratory uniforms in public areas with special provisions of course, as well as other uniform needs in Bio Farma, so that the guidance can be empowered and supply chain or supply chain for the company sustainably" Disril.

    "In addition, the community is also equipped with additional expertise in handicrafts of household art or art handicraft such as tablecloths, doormats, and others so as to have value of wear and aesthetic value. We will also provide equipment for sewing machines, obras, t-shirts, and sewing supplies, "added Disril.

    It is hoped that with the assistance provided by Bio Farma, the special needs community is more independent and more prosperous, the sustainable Bio Farma CSR program 2018 by identifying the existence of vulnerable groups in the community in the ring area of ??one company, this initiation is expected to increase the strengthening and establishment economic, thus supporting economic growth through SOEs Present for the country. (Even)

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