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    PLN Teaches


    BANDUNG - Introducing PLN especially in introducing electricity sector, PLN West Java Distribution held the activity of PLN Teaching at Kartika XIX-1 Junior High School Bandung, Wednesday (30/5/2018).

    General Manager of PLN West Java Distribution Iwan Purwana admitted very aware of the important role of education for the development of the nation.

    "We are all convinced that children of their age are able to shape how this nation will develop, in the hands of their future Indonesia is determined, so we do this PLN Teaching activities, we hope it can be useful for all," he said.

    On this occasion PLN Distribution West Java also provide assistance of Rp. 129.250.000, - to Kartika XIX-1 Junior High School for school facilities and infrastructure support for teaching and learning activities at school. The aid is planned to be used for the construction of ablution sites, the improvement of class buildings and sports fields.

    Headmaster of Kartika XIX-1 Junior High School, Sofwan Haris expressed his appreciation for the activity.

    "In addition to lighting this nation with electricity every day, PLN today illuminates the nation through education, we are very grateful for its concern, besides we are also grateful for the assistance provided. Hopefully through the help given by our students become more comfortable in learning, "said Sofwan.

    PLN Teaching is a routine program every year. In PLN West Java Distribution itself, this program is done by all areas and rayon scattered throughout West Java to socialize the safety of electricity to school students.

    PLN expects this program to be useful and provide students insight into electricity and foster their spirit to study harder for the sake of realizing the ideals in the future.

    In 2017, PLN West Java Distribution of Environmental Development assistance amounting to Rp. 10.163.375.560, - with aid locations spread throughout West Java. (Jo)

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