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    In front of Salman ITB Mosque, Moeldoko Presents A Number of Important Policies


    BANDUNG - In front of the academic community and the congregation of Salman Mosque ITB, Bandung, Tuesday (29/5), the Chief of Staff of the President of the TNI (Ret.) Dr.Moeldoko explained a number of policies and programs carried out by the government

    "It is often said that President Jokowi only focuses on building infrastructure. Yet behind this incredibly built infrastructure, there are other aspects of connectivity. With the connectivity or continuity, that's where the nation will lead to a more advanced civilization, "he said.

    While waiting for breaking the fast, in the event titled Inspiration Ramadan (IRAMA) attended by hundreds of students of ITB, rector, lecturer, and administrators of Salman Mosque, Moeldoko explained various policies taken by the government oriented to the development of Indonesia's superior human resources.

     "One of the things that is now done and monitored continuously by President Jokowi is stunting prevention program or infant suffering from malnutrition since in the womb until a thousand days since birth," he explained.

    According Moeldoko, stunting prevention campaign is very important because if the baby has suffered stunting, physically his body will be more dwarf than normal children, and his intelligence is lower than other children. If stunting is not prevented or the figure is not lowered, in the long term the burden of the state will become even more severe, as children who suffer from stunting are also more susceptible to various diseases.

    "Stunting is not solely a problem of malnutrition due to the scarcity of nutritious food, but also because of lifestyle issues. The indications are that these stunting children are also experienced not only in remote and remote areas, but also in big cities like Jakarta because of lifestyle issues, "he said.

    Speaking for about an hour in front of the congregation, Moeldoko then gave them a chance to ask questions. One of the questions raised is government policy in tackling terrorism and radicalism, including TNI involvement in combating terrorism. One of them is the reactivation of the Joint Special Operations Command (Koopsusgab).

    "It should be understood that we have a benchmark or a reference act of terrorism and radicalism at what level. That's the spectrum. Starting from low, medium, to high. The operations command involves special forces trained and highly capable in the Army, the Army, and the Navy. So if necessary they have the speed to respond from various dimensions, whether land, sea, or air, "said Moeldoko who initiated the formation of this Koopsusgab during his tenure as Commander of the TNI 2013-2015.

    Do not forget, Moeldoko told all academicians of ITB to always keep the harmony and unity among fellow children of the nation.

    "I always remember the story of the President of Afghanistan to President Jokowi. The country consists of only 7 tribes and two of them are at war, but up to 40 years the dispute has never been completed and resulted in tremendous suffering. We have about 714 different ethnic groups. Do not let us pitted the sheep and split for any reason! "He concluded. (Even)

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