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    Factual Verification Terms of Support Regional Representative Council Members Must Be Perfect


    BANDUNG - Factual verification (verfak) requirement of support of candidate member of Indonesia Regional Representative Council (DPD) must be perfect. The claim is very reasonable because the District / Municipal KPUD, PPK, and PPS have experienced verify the terms of support of candidates for individual election participants.

    Similarly, among others stated Chairman of West Java KPU Yayat Hidayat at the opening of Work Meeting of Requirements Supporting Candidate Members of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) by Provincial KPU to Regency / City KPUD at Grand Aprilia Hotel, Pelajar Pejuang Street 45, Bandung, Tuesday (29/5).

    According to Yayat, a sample of 10% support from each district / city has been determined. The verification officer must also perform the task in earnest.

    "Do not let the results of that work stop at first in Bawaslu or the State Administrative Court," he said while reminding factual verification Regional Representative Council member candidates are not as heavy as factual verification prospective individual regent / mayor.

    Meanwhile, Commissioner of West Java KPU Division of Human Resources and Community Participation Relations Nina Yuningsih reminded his staff to work optimally.

    "Our duties must be accountable by law, administration, and voter participation," he said.
    He also reminded that KPU always coordinates with Bawaslu up to TPS, especially to build mutual understanding and minimize the potential of fraud.

    The same thing was also reminded by Commissioner of Technical Division Endun Abdul Haq who firmly reminded the importance of communication between parties, including with political parties.

    In addition to the presence of Commissioners and Secretaries West Java KPU, shelter activities followed by Commissioners Legal Division and Head of Subdistrict Law KPUD Regency / City West Java. (Even)

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