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    Vice Governor Stresses the Importance of Infrastructure Development & SDM Quality


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar emphasised the importance of infrastructure development as well as improving the quality of human resources in the country in supporting the ongoing of the Asean Economic Community (MEA) in Indonesia, especially in West Java.

    It thus expressed during the opening of the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme of "Anticipate Problems of Ipoleksosbudhankam (Culture Social Economic Political Ideology of Defence and Security) in Facing MEA in West Java" which was held in the Kesbangpol Agency Hall of West Java, Jl. Supratman Bandung, on Tuesday (23/02/16).
    On that occasion, Vice Governor said that infrastructure is important in the flow of goods and services within the MEA. However, Vice Governor also said that a good infrastructure should be supported by an increase of the society’s skill.
    "So that for those we build this infrastructure actually, if our society is not ready? If we raced faster to prepare everything in the global competition in Asean, then the infrastructure should be built to be used as best as possible. So there is a danger if it is not balanced by an increase in the quality of human resources itself in this Asean single market,” said Vice Governor.
    Moreover, on this occasion Vice Governor also said the importance in improving the quality of domestic products. To that end, it continues to encourage all products produced by entrepreneurs and UKM in West Java can be Halal certified, so they can compete with other Asean countries.
    FGD held by the National Unity and Politics (Bakesbangpol) of West Java is a forum for discussion of strategic partners of Bakesbangpol West Java, such as the Forum for Religious Harmony, Forum Intermingling of Nationality, Forum of Vigilance Community Environment, Regional Intelligence Community, as well as the CSOs Forum in West Java.
    The FGD is expected to examine and inventory the challenges will faced in the era of MEA, and can be formulated also anticipatory measures and solutions, particularly in the field of Ipoleksosbudhankam problems.


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