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    Seven Times in a Row West Java Local Government Financial Report Again Reach Unqualified Opinion


    BANDUNG - Local Government Financial Report (LKPD) of Fiscal Year 2017 West Java Province again won Unqualified Opinion (WTP) from the Indonesia Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). This Unqualified Opinion is the seventh consecutive time since 2011.

    Chairman of Indonesia Supreme Audit Agency Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara directly handed the LKPD Report to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) and Chairman of West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi Sundari in Special Plenary Meeting at Parliament Building West Java, Diponegoro Street No. 27, the city of Bandung, Monday (28/5/18).

    "Based on the audit conducted by Supreme Audit Agency on West Java Provincial Government Financial Report of Fiscal Year 2017. Supreme Audit Agency provides Unqualified Opinion on Financial Report of Fiscal Year 2017," Moermahadi said in the plenary session.

    "This Unqualified Opinion is the seventh WTP Opinion for West Java Province," he continued.

    This Unqualified Opinion, Moermahadi said, according to the measure of accountability performance given by the Ministry of PAN RB to West Java Provincial Government. The value of performance accountability of West Java Province got the value of "A".

    "The performance of Lakers created by Ministry of State Empowerment Apparatus Bureaucratic Reform is also" A ". So, indeed the progress is in accordance with all that is conveyed friends (BPK), the results of the examination is Unqualified Opinion, "he said.

    On this occasion, Moermahadi also explained that BPK still find some problems that need attention in West Java LKPD FY 2017. Although it does not affect the fairness of the presentation of financial statements. The findings consist of the Internal Control System (SPI) and the findings related to the Legal Compliance contained in Book II of LHP on SPI and Book III of LHP for Compliance with Legislation.

    "Important note in the examination (LKPD) may not be perfect, there are important notes but not much influence. But what I see its influence can not affect in the overall financial statements, "said Moermahadi.

    To follow up the LHP recommendation, pursuant to Article 20 Paragraph (3) of Law Number 15 Year 2014, Moermahadi also reminded that officials must follow up recommendations in LHP. By providing an answer or explanation to the BPK about the extension of the LHP recommendation. Such an answer or explanation shall be submitted to BPK no later than 60 days after the LHP has been received.

    Until now, Moermahadi said among other provinces only West Java has won the Unqualified Opinion seven times in a row. "There is no (other province), new West Java. I also said to Mr. Governor. if there are seven layers of sky, to the seventh layer of Mr. Governor. fitting out of the seven, "joked Moermahadi laughter Aher.

    Met after the plenary, Aher is grateful for the achievement of this Unqualified Opinion. This is not separated from the commitment and hard work with the ranks of West Java Provincial Government. "We are grateful to keep this Unqualified Opinion seven times in a row. Of course we must keep trying to keep this, "Aher hope.

    On March 29, 2018, West Java Provincial Government has submitted the Financial Statements of Fiscal Year 2017 to BPK. The report consists of; (4) Statement of Changes in Equity, (5) Balance Sheet, and (6) Statements of Cash Flows and Notes to the Financial Statements.

    Meanwhile, the achievements of this Unqualified Opinion also received appreciation from West Java DPRD. "We appreciate the hard work of all West Java Provincial Government that has maintained the Unqualified Opinion obtained by West Java and this time the seventh time," said Chairman of West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi Sundari after plenary.

    Ineu hopes that the effectiveness, accountability and transparency maintained in these financial statements should be an important part of daily financial operations in West Java. In addition, Ineu also requested that this Unqualified Opinion should be maintained whoever will lead the coming West Java.

    "In the future this must be maintained. I said in Plenary clearly, whoever (Governor) who lead this should be the capital of West Java in obtaining WTP for each financial report, "said Ineu.

    Early West Java Story Achieved Unqualified Opinion

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan said that it is difficult to make financial reports without being done by experts. In 2009-2010 West Java got a quota of State Civil Apparatus Candidate up to 160 people. Of this amount, West Java also asked the BKN half of it is an accountant.

    "Of the 160 new  State Civil Apparatus Candidate rations granted to West Java, we ask for 80 accountants but only approved 40 accountants. BKN surprised at that time, because of the quota given half of West Java ask accountant, "Aher story when met after the Plenary Parliament Meeting West Java related LHP submission of LKPD FY 2017 West Java in Parliament Building West Java, Diponegoro Street No. 27, Bandung, Monday (28/5/18). "I said at that time, we asked for Unqualified Opinion to be good. If it must be good means there must be human resources who manage, namely the accountants for financial statements, "he added. Because BKN only provide 40 accountants, eventually when Aher also take other efforts. "Because it is approved 40 so we send 40 people to 80 accountants. So, there was something special at that time, West Java in three years had 80 accountants, "said Aher. The accountants, then assigned to the Oragnization Regional Devices to the Bureau in the West Java provincial government lingungan. They are specifically assigned to make financial statements. "Besides we are also another story, because the assets are many records, then we also create an asset team in West Java in 2009 then, so that 2011 we can unqualified opinion and to this day we maintain," he concluded.

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